New House Mission Finishers Trigger Epilepsy (LoL)

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Hey everyone,

I have photosensitive epilepsy and play League of Legends. Only a few things in the game are actually an issue for me and most can be avoided, like banning Lucian or Lux, so I can have a safe game.

However, the new kill/death animations for the house missions–those big strobey house logos that pop up over a champion you kill– are a huge issue for photosensitive epilepsy and cannot be turned off nor the effects turned down.

I understand that epileptics are in the minority for those who play the game, but League has brought me a lot of joy these past few years and it's heartbreaking that Riot doesn't take epilepsy seriously when developing and designing new game mechanics.

Riot, please, create a toggle off function for house animation finishers so epileptics can stay safe.

​I made a post about this on /r/leagueoflegends and made it to the front page, only for it to be quickly removed.

Riot developer response, " we had many conversations about it and multiple meetings about it, and we decided in the end that even though we did not have the time/resources to ship with a toggle, we wanted to get finishers and spawn ceremonies into the competition. It was either ship without a toggle or don't ship it at all, and we felt that bringing them to the competition was better despite not having a toggle than not shipping them at all. "

Thanks for your time