New games involving aliens annoucned. "Alien" and "Evolve".

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One is Alien Isolation based on Alien the movie. New game that is survival horror, one character, one alien.

Announcement Trailer:

Gameplay Previews:

Video Interview:

Sgea offically announced Alien: Isolation, confirming the first official details on Creative Assembly's long-rumoured Alien title.

alien isolation

Due for release on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC in late 2014, Alien: Isolation follows the plights of Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda, sent aboard remote trading station Sevastopol on a mission to recover the flight recorder of her mother's ship, the Nostromo, 15 years after the events of the original Alien movie.

The game also appears to be taking a starkly different direction to previous Aliens games,

with the focus having moved away from combat and repositioned on slower-paced survival horror.

It's Amnesia in space, essentially, with Ripley stalked by a lone Xenomorph aboard the station.

"When she left Earth, Ellen Ripley promised her daughter Amanda she would return home for her 11th birthday. Amanda never saw her again," reads the story synopsis.

alien isolation1111111111 -

"Fifteen years later, Amanda, now a Weyland-Yutani employee, hears that the flight recorder of her mother's ship, the Nostromo, has been recovered at the remote trading station Sevastopol. The temptation for her to finally understand what happened is too much to resist. When the crew arrive at Sevastopol, they find something is desperately wrong. It all seems to be connected to an unknown menace, stalking and killing deep in the shadows.

"In order to uncover the truth about her mother, Amanda is forced to confront the same terrifying thing that separated them."

The official announcement follows months of leaks, which saw screenshots, artwork and the synopsis leaking online. Still, if you want to see the first official screenshots head through here.

The other is Evolve by the L4D devs.

From GI

Few independent studios sport the multiplayer pedigree of Turtle Rock Studios. After years of working on Valve's Counter-Strike series, the California-based developer created Left 4 Dead, a post-apocalyptic shooter that redefined cooperative gaming and landed the number-one spot on Game Informer's Top 30 Co-op Games of All Time list. Now the studio is combining its competitive and cooperative design expertise for a new, next-gen only IP: Evolve. Backed by publisher 2K Games, which paid a whopping $10.8 million for the IP in last year's THQ auction, Turtle Rock is taking full advantage of gamers' powerful new systems.

The sci-fi multiplayer-focused shooter pits a four-player crew of alien hunters against a separate player-controlled monster that grows larger and more powerful over the course of matches. Each hunter features its own unique items and abilities, and while the monster may be outnumbered, its size and an assortment of devastating attacks make it a more than formidable foe. Like Turtle Rock's previous titles, Evolve is being built with variety and replayabilty in mind; the result is a novel mix of cooperative and competitive multiplayer elements that's unlike anything we've played before. Our exclusive hands-on time with the game's four-versus-one hunt mode left us with plenty to be excited about, and you can get all the details in this month's issue.

Our 12-page look at Evolve reveals the first hunters, monster, and unique equipment players will get their hands on when the game releases on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 this fall. We also have a wealth of exclusive screens and hands-on impressions you won't want to miss. Check out the cover image below for your first hint at what's to come.

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Alien: Isolation looks awesome, finally a game to look forward to in 2014! Thanks for the info dvader, especially the links.

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@dvader654: Isolation could be incredible. Being stalked buy a single xenomorph will be tense as shit. It could possible be the best survival horror game of this year... then I remember colonial marines and my heart sinks.

Fingers crossed that Creative Assembly don't pull a Gearbox and completely shit all over the franchise.