Neverwinter Nights 1: character build tips for swashbuckling fighter, please?

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Unlike Neverwinter Nights 2, there is no swashbuckler class in Neverwinter Nights 1. But I think I could create a "swashbuckler-alike" character based on Fighter class (Fighter, Paladin, or Ranger). Here's my plan for ability points: STR: 11 DEX: 13 CON: 13 WIS: 12 INT: 13 CHA: 15 The weapon of choice, obviously, will be rapier. Too bad NWN doesn't have main gauche, but I plan my character to be dual-wielding; rapier in the right hand, dagger in the left hand. I realize my character won't be very powerful (except if I multiclass to sorcerer or bard, and then become a red dragon discipline), but sometimes we just want to play the character we want to be instead of building a very powerful character. ;) However, I'm also looking for tips that can improve my character, combat-wise. I mean, anything to improve my survivability is welcome. (1) what combat skills should I focus on? Is parry a good skill? How about tumble? (2) is it better to focus on few skills, or spreading your ranks on many skills? For example, is it better to spend 8 skill ranks on either parry or tumble, or is it better to spend 4 on each? (3) generally, after how many ranks combat skills become effective? (4) which feats would you suggest? (5) is it worth it to take weapon master route? A WM sounds impressive, but it seems the class can only focus on a single weapon type. What if I plan to dual-wielding with two different weapons? (ie rapier at right hand and dagger at left hand) Besides, becoming a weapon master requires the following feat: dodge, mobility, expertise, spring attack, weapon focus in a melee weapon, and whirlwind attack. I can see the benefit of dodge and weapon focus, but is expertise, for example, really worth it? Thanks in advance,