Need some nice games

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What are some nice singleplayer games that immerses the player and makes you really enjoy the time spent on playing the game? I already know about Witcher 3 and Skyrim, those games I'm going to buy instantly.

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If you like survival horror I’d recommend Evil Within 2. I’m only like 5 hours into it but so far it’s pretty fun and creepy. The new XCom 2 expansion is also really immersive for a strategy game especially if you like the idea of a constantly evolving home base and team of soldiers.

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Check out the new Wolfenstein. Really fun game. DOOM if you enjoy mass murdering demons.

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For immersion, I was extremely impressed by Metro: Redux, possibly the most underrated games i've played in years.

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Infamous: Second Son, Ys VIII, Persona 5, Tales of Berseria

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What system(s) do you own? What games do you like? If you liek Skyrim, you probably will like the newest Fallout.