Need some advice for survival games for my youtube channel and some feedback

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Hello there, my name is Barrytale and I've started a youtube channel. I do let's plays with horror/ survival games and I have 9 videos so far. I need some advices for new games ( it would be great if they're free to play ) . I'm playing Alan Wake and Slender now, so it would be awesome if you could also give me some feedback about my vidoes or advices... I don't do sub4sub, I'm just asking fpr some feedback if you want to ! My Channel:
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Perhaps Silent Hill would make a good addition to your collection. It's my all time favorite horror survival game franchise. Next maybe Resident Evil.

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dino crisis

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Possibly Silent Hill, or Resident Evil, or Dead Space, maybe even Siren, or perhaps Fatal Frame, just to name a few?
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what about Nightmare house 2? and check out these channels for some good lets plays this is a great british one this guy is from alaska, really good, obviously inspired by james rofle cheers rick
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Definitely Dead Space. Some people don't think it's scary but I think it has some great atmospere and the sounds will creep you out and the gameplay is solid.

Also Amnesia, everyone does videos of that but it really is scary.

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Oh! Can't forget F.E.A.R.

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if you have Steam Alan Wake is going for a good price now