Need help about a QTE in Wolf Among Us Ep 5

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This topic contains spoilers of the first 5 minutes into the game!

Ok, so once all hell breaks lose in Crooked Man`s office, Georgie, Dee (or Dum) and Jersey start heading towards me and I can "choose" which one to hit. Then Dum (or Dee) grabs me from behind and I have to mash Q to get out but the problem is that hitting Q registers for the first 2 seconds and then it disappears and Georgie kills me, no matter how hard I mash Q. Can anyone help me with this problem? I seem to recall there being a program that lets you program keys so instead of pressing Q once it gives you one Q, you can program it that pressing Q once gives you 500 Qs.

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Could be a glitch. Maybe restart the game or something. Beat it last night, but it was the PS4 version