NBA 2K - How much should predatory practices factor into a prof review?

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If a game like NBA 2K20 is actively, unreservedly, unrepentantly, unquestioningly, repugnantly looking to exploit vulnerable people, clear as day, how much should this factor into an actual review?

If it's optional (in this case the game itself is designed around funneling and crippling the player) should it get a free pass?

For some - namely whales impulsive to the point of self-destruction... is it really optional? Since, they are the main target in the first place?

More to the point, if a game has for example, racist right-wing propaganda, making fun of disabled people and proclaiming men superior to woman or whatever other vile shit you want to throw at it, but had an "off" filter to hide it as a choice, wouldn't it still effectively be a shitty thing to support regardless if giving you the ability to ignore it?

Wouldn't most review and sales outlets decry it and probably blacklist it by default?

Why should these, designed to exploit vulnerable people be treated any different?

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I think we are lucky that they were up front about it.

I'm surprised they didn't release it and add that stuff in a month later to dodge the negative launch reviews.

I think the reviewer has to decide how egregious the practices are to them personally, but I do think they should be factored in. Reviews are, after all, a personal opinion. I think it's negligent to not at least mention it in a review.

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Usually on most reviews they tend to put a token sentence or two bringing it up, yet usually score them highly anyway, which think personally, isn't enough.

I some extremely dumbfounding reviews like Gamespots Call OF Duty, they in-game loot box drops.

And yea, there's the problem of just holding off a few months to manipulate the initial impression, which no real way around it, it seems.

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Great point you bring up about the propaganda. Critics should just throw the book at em. Give them a 3/10