Name of this game?

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I have been looking for this game forever and I am looking for some help. I posted this on a Reddit to no avail so maybe someone can help me on here. (This was the format from the Reddit page)

Platform(s): Downloadable PC Game

Genre: Strategy, Adventure-like, Fighting

Estimated year of release: I have no clue. It would be around 2015-2016 or something like that.

Graphics/art style: It's like a pixel voxel type.

Notable characters: The people are little and plain white. They all are the same no special characters.

Notable gameplay mechanics: You build up a civilization and you go from flat planets to gather materials and fight other civilization's to get more materials and people to build up your place.

Other details: It's an eagle eye view, which I think I downloaded from gamejolt. You need trees for oxygen (the more people the more trees you need) you build little houses for your little people. Sorry I couldn't provide much information as I haven't played it in a while. I just remember playing it before and how much fun I had. I had to reset my pc a while back and I couldn't find the link again. Just now remembering it.

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Please use the sticky:

Official ''Can't remember the title of a game'' thread 2.0