Name My Game Please?

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Very stuck at finding this game (to many Japenese adventure games have been released on ps2).

. On art cover was a grizzly behind a boy

. A quote about 'following the woodpeckers'

. Old lady who transfers you

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Herdy Gerdy?


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Thanks, that's the one :)

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Hi there. I'm trying to find a very old black & white game - 1980s sometime. I have no idea what platform it ran on, as I only saw it once. It was a chess knock-off, with fantasy characters for pieces. The ones I remember are (may not be the correct names) the Wizard, the Phoenix, and the Troll(?). When one piece was moved onto an opposing piece a combat screen opened up. The Wizard could bring dead pieces back to life (on the main screen) , the Phoenix flew around the combat screen and for an attack created a slow, limited area life-draining field, and the Troll(?) ran around with a stick and just whacked the other pieces. Any ideas?
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I'd say Archon is what you're looking for.