My Parents Dont Like Me Gaming

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What Is Even This??

Whenever I start Gaming they like start shouting and always try to make me understand that it's not fricking good....

I'm 15 and I love Gaming. I'm Not that skilled but still I play after completing all my projects and I also Top in class when it comes to results.

But guess what even after doing so much I can't even play a game. They permit me for one hour and that's not fucking enough.

Someone Please make them understand gaming is not a bad thing...……….

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You just create a daily schedule and discuss with your parents and mention your playing time when you wants to play the virtual game, I think your parents love you and they must consider your decision.

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Don't fight it man.

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There is nothing wrong when it comes to be a gamer, but not on the expense of education and future making, video games today are much like a hobby, most parents are still living the old school way, which is a great for improving the parent-son relationship together doing activities like fishing, camping, travelling, etc, but the wrong matter here is to force a son/daughter not to do the thing he or she loves to do during free time, which is in this case "Video Games", some parents like to watch every live football or basketball game or maybe films or TV series, game are much like all of these things and the 1+ point here is games are like and Interactive material, yes u can play football video game, u can play a quality story game, and some games stories are much better then watching a 5 star movie.

At the end they are your parents and you must respect what they say, try to convince them that video games cannot do a harm when there is a good time management.

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I recently replied to another teenager about parents and gaming. I will repeat it here.

Firstly ask your parents do they watch TV? If so, ask why they can enjoy watching TV as entertainment but you cannot play video games. If your folks watch TV, maybe suggest why don’t you read a book or go on a adult education course instead of coming home and relaxing.

Secondly explain that your brain is very active when you play games, while if you just watch TV your brain functions are much lower.

Thirdly, ask your folks, “Is it important to have a balanced life style”? Go to school, study hard and then chill and play some games.

Do you study economics? There is a theory called, “Diminishing returns to utility”. I.e if you have a 1,000 sq foot factory with 100 workers you output is X per worker. But if you add more and more workers without expanding the factory floor you will reduce per unit output.

So if you study all day and all night you will end up learning less!

Fourth, ask your folks is culture and fitting in important? Gaming is a global culture and if you are not part of it, you are missing an important part of modern culture.

Fifth, gaming is both educational and good for the brain. Explain RTS games to your parents and the strategy you would use.

If you are into action games. Explain how you are improving your reaction times. Take Street Fighter for example, you have to learn special moves and combos.

If you play RPG’s then it’s all the above plus a story and you also learn new things. In the Witcher 3, Geralt talks about salt Peter as a poison. Salt Peter is actually used in a lot of food, such as bacon and corn beef (makes the cooked meat look red). Small amounts is ok, but bigger doses can kill you.

I hope the above helps! Just think logically to counter your parents! Good luck.

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Buy a switch or a gaming laptop and take it somewhere you can play in peace. Look into local gaming clubs if there are any or anywhere that might let you sit and play.

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Yeah just being physically distant helps IMO.