My parents are stone age...

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Just looking for some advice here, So basically I'm 16, have a job get, good marks and play Fortnite. Ive been playing with a playstation/xbox, coffee table, tv and a couch for the past year and a half and magically have amassed 875+ wins on Fortnite. I want to take my console and buy a desk, gaming chair and monitor but when I told my parents this they freaked out. They restrict my time playing a lot already and think I'm taking this game way too far even though I made $200 in week 1 of world cup qualifying.

When I said I'm just going to go buy a monitor and I'm going to get this basic setup they told me If I do, they'll smash the monitor and throw it away because it's against there values.

Kinda looking for someone else's opinion on this or just some straight up advice.


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@kirks: How much time do you spend gaming per week? And how much time do you spend studying?

You need the right balance.

Your parents are probably concerned with this balance. They are worried that if you have your own setup then this balance will be broken.

Why don’t you calculate the above (time for study and time for recreation) then talk to your parents about it?

But I am sorry to say, I think your parents might be right. You are sixteen and the next two years will determine which University you go to. Education is mega/super important!

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@kirks: Honestly probably isn't worth going against your parents. Just gotta accept things for the way they are sometimes.

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Your stone age parents should love Xbone, because its BC tech. Get it, BC!

(as opposed to PS4, which is AD!)

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2 years, wait it out and leave. We all had rules we didn't agree with when living with out parents.

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@henrythefifth: How do you think it would go over if I bought a PC lmao id love to

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@kadin_kai: I spend about 6-8 hours a week gaming. I probably study for about the same. The worst part is schools out in 5 days and thats why I wanted this setup.

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Maybe get a gaming laptop which would be easier to hide. Gaming laptops do exist.

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@kirks: Hey...well 6-8 hours gaming isn’t actually all that much for one week. So basically on average it’s just one hour per day.

I suggest you calmly talk to your parents about this. Talk about the importance of a (work life balance), and in your case it’s (study, work, gaming & teenager stuff).

I continue to believe they are concerned that your gaming gets out of control (in can happen to some teenagers) and that your education suffers as a result.

Why don’t you set out a timetable/matrix for yourself. Plan each day and roughly how many hours you spend studying, gaming, working and etc.

Also point out to them you are mature enough to approach this disagreement with this matrix rather than threaten to break things.

But remember always negotiate and talk things through. Keep super calm about it. Maybe settle for just the monitor rather than the full setup.

Ps...don’t forget gaming is fun but always keep up the homework and studying! And good luck Kirk!!

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@kadin_kai: Thanks a lot you've been helpful, Im going to try and sit down with them to tell them what this means to me after I finish my exams this week. I'll try the calm approach like you suggested so they can see I'm mature enough for this.

Thanks again

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If they are admament on smashing whatever monitor you purchase, make sure it is a CRT monitor so they are exposed to dangerous amounts of radiation and a potential fire hazard when they do so.

Nah, don't do that, that's terrible advice.

Like others have said, sometimes you just have to comply with Mom and Dad. Getting a computer is a workaround, but honestly, I'm surprised you don't have one of your own already. How do they expect you to fill out college and work applications, especially when some of them only work in Internet Explorer?

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@kirks: If your parents are threatening to smash things I don't know if talking will do any good, some parents are stubborn as all get out, and you might be wasting time and energy trying to convince them otherwise. By all means you can try.

I would just wait it out 2 years until you're an adult and on your own.

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It's boned.