My opinion on easy mode for sekiro

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I think there should be an easier mode in Sekiro that has the same difficulty level as the previous souls games. Because sekiro is way harder than those souls games. I think this would a good compromise. What do you think. Is this a good idea

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I think an easy mode for a pure single player game is fine. Maybe an easy mode should just be all enemies do 50% damage.

I have trouble comparing the difficulty to Souls games though. TBH I think Sekiro is less punishing than Souls... The stealth and mobility make most of the game much easier that a souls game, and there are always ways to mitigate loss on death.

Then there are the bosses. Very challenging, indeed. As with Souls games though, once I finally beat a boss, I can do it a lot quicker the second time. The only difference between Sekiro and Souls is I have yet to find two bosses in Sekiro that require the same strategy.

Fun tip: Somewhere in Sekiro there is a bell you can ring to make the game harder and more rewarding :) And I typically use this bell to farm for upgrade materials in between bosses.

I'm happy with the difficulty as is, personally.

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@sayuta said:

I think there should be an easier mode in Sekiro

This thread again. . Why?

From what I played the game seems very manageable. I think games like Uncharted have made some Gamers soft, and blind to games with a more strict difficulty curve.

Because sekiro is way harder than those souls games.

How so? People are already beating the game in less than an hour without bugs or glitch jumps. It takes roughly one hour and a half for top speedrunners to beat the original DkS despite having almost a decade advantage. DkS 3 is a similar timeframe_

You only think Sekiro is harder because of your familiarity with the Soulborne series, and four games with similar mechanics +Bloodborne. Sekiro plays vastly different to all four games. Being different doesn't equal harder. From what I understand can be exploited far more when you understand the layout and patterns compared to all the Soul games.

Give it a month and people will probably make threads stating Sekiro should have a Master difficulty mode ('¬_¬)