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I've recently been watching some XBOX 360/PS3 comparisons. I view these purely out of interest and not for bragging rights.

In some games there are very definite differences, however in other games the only difference seems to be in the contrast levels. Having higher contrast can make colours seem more vibrant, textures appear more defined and objects appear to "pop" more.

For the comparisons I looked at it was claimed that the XBOX 360 was set to expanded colour and the PS3 had full range enabled. I think I'm correct in saying that, if that is the case, they should both have the same amount of steps in contrast (0-255).

I was wondering if anyone could offer some insight as to why this is so.

No fanboy comments please as I'm really not interested.

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I have no insight to offer you on your question, and I am sorry for the off topic reply. But I can't let a guy who's named himself "StokeMeAClipper" show up without saying WELCOME TO GAMESPOT!

Welcome to the site, I love the name you've chosen. Just no sharing the Double Polaroids! :)

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@ZZoMBiE13: Lol, thanks for the welcome.

Although to be fair it was a triple-bag easy-glide vac with turbo-suction and a self-emptying dustbag! But I'll be sure not to post pics :)