Most disappointing games of 2017, your pick

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I don't play as many games as 2016 in this year, but there still some titles that I found to be disappointing. Of course I'm will not going to mention the games that come almost every year such as Call of Duty, Fifa, Madden, Atelier, Neptunia, Ubisoft games, etc. While it is too early for me to write this article but I don't think there will more high-profiled games released in this month(December) unless we can count the DLCs for existing games, which not going to be covered in this article.

1. Mass Effect Andromeda. While I already warned about it but I bought it anyway because I'm a big fan of the series and Bioware itself. Even though I already lowered my expectations earlier but I'm still pretty much disappointed with it. I personally liked the idea of finding new homes for Milky Way immigrants in Andromeda galaxy but the game itslef infested with bugs, troubled at launch, hideous facial animations, too many patches and updates, etc. I also found out it wasn't developed by Bioware's main studio as they are too busy with Anthem, which only revealed to the public in in this year's E3. ME Andromeda was developed by a smaller sister studio which already closed down recently. Its promised single-player DLC, Quarian ark, has been cancelled and only covered in the comics instead. Did Bioware developed Andromeda in order to protect Anthem from being revealed too soon to public? If its true then Andromeda could have been the biggest, most expensive red herring ever thrown to us.

2. Blue Reflection. I was pumped for this game for so long since last year but unfortunately I was disappointed on how its final product turned out. While not glitchy but its graphics don't meet the PS4 standards, broken PC port, very limited appeal, etc. Rushed develoment may have been the culprit as the developers only given 6 months to develop and finish a project that should take at least 18 months. Thanks for lacking of calendar system, you don't have to worry about missing something. I remembered of spending at least 2-weeks of in-game time just to figure out what to do next. The game stole many ideas from Persona series, especially the fifth one but failed to implement any of them due to limited development time and terrible management decisions. There's only 3 playable characters and too little variations on each, making battles tedious than fun. Perhaps the biggest sin of this game ever comitted is milked for its DLCs. The swimsuit and Final Fantasy XV costumes are not free and need to be bought later(perhaps I should rethink on how much I hates FFXV). While no sequels ever planned but I shouldn't be surprised if there will be more similar games planned in the future. Perhaps I learned a valuable lesson of not to buy any more Koei-Tecmo games again with Blue Reflection.

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Even though I still enjoyed ME: Andromeda overall, it definitely was still a disappointment... not even in the same league as the first 3 games.

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Without a doubt, Destiny 2. Destiny 2 wasn't even as good as the first one. I own Destiny 2 on PC, the graphics and playing it with KB/M was a lot of fun, but core game itself is so disappointing, Bungie didn't even try adding anything making it so much better then the first game.

Destiny 2, my most disappointing game of 2017, It's not terrible. It's just intentionally mediocre.

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Resident Evil 7.

I was hoping that this would be the game to make me care about the Resident Evil franchise again, but it turned out to not even be a Resident Evil game at all.

When the hell are they going to release that Resident Evil 2 remake? That's my last hope for this franchise.

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Gran Turismo Sport. That online focus bullshit

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Mass Effect Andromeda has to be the most embarrassing AAA title that I ever remember releasing.

That said, I'm personally more disappointed about Gran Turismo Sport. So many years waiting for such crap. Thank God for Forza.

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To be honest all of them 2017 for me has been the worst year of gaming and this whole loot box and microstraction's shit just made me even more jaded with the gaming industry. I had more fun playing old games this year then new ones here's hoping things will get better.

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@hrt_rulz01: @todddow: I'm a Mass Effect fanboy that thinks the first three games are all 10/10 in there own rights. (ME3 is a 9/10) Even I know Mass Effect Andromeda is a disappointing. I thought it was a decent game mainly the gameplay was really good, but I love Mass Effect. I can see why so many people think the game is a piece of shit.

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Even though I enjoyed it in general I would say that Mass Effect Andromeda was the most disappointing game for me this year. I absolutely loved the Mass Effect trilogy so I had very high hopes for Andromeda.

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Nothing for me. As I read many reviwes before buying a game. I actually have the opposite. As for some games I read there was some negetive reviwes, but I still got them, and enjoyed. Like: Valkria Revolution and Warriors All Stars.

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#11 Posted by deactivated-5c56012aaa167 (2538 posts) -

Star Wars EAFront 2.

Maybe I can also say RE 7 for fans that wanted a good combat in a Horror game.

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Haven't really played any disappointing new games in 2017.

Great year for the genres I enjoy!

Some here had an issue with Resident Evil 7 and The Evil Within 2, and while they have flaws. My gut reaction is those people didn't go in expecting an actual Survival Horror game which both do very well. So the main complaints I see in GD are those few wanted a Gears of War paced/ gameplay style game.

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For me is Mass Effect Andromeda, biggest disappoint

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For me, its Mass Effect Andromeda

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@warmblur said:

To be honest all of them 2017 for me has been the worst year of gaming and this whole loot box and microstraction's shit just made me even more jaded with the gaming industry. I had more fun playing old games this year then new ones here's hoping things will get better.

I just came here to say the same thing. I haven't bought a game since March.

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Star Wars BattleFront 2 EA.

EA loss 2 Billion, It's more disastrous than No Man Sky.

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I think EA itself is the biggest disappointment of the year considering how they've single-handedly destroyed three beloved franchises in the space of 12 months. Mass Effect, Need for Speed and Star Wars: Battlefront are all casualties which, thanks to their greed, may never recover. It's a real tragedy.

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Probably ARMS on the switch. Somehow it was so plain and boring.

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@lembu90 said:

2. Blue Reflection.

Damn I have bought but haven't played the game. Reading it is one of the most disappointing games for you is a bummer :S

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Injustice 2 : A few new characters, loot system tacked on. The recurring characters have the exact same move set as the first game.

Fun to play, but I was expecting so much more from Netherrealm, if Mortal Kombat X was any indication...

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I have yet to play a game from 2017. And it's December 5th. I guess that's saying something.

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Destiny 2. Quite frankly I got the game for roughly $30 about 2 weeks after it came out. I should have known that was suspect but I gave it a chance anyway. And yeah... It's uh... bad.

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Nothing really. I do my research from now on. The games I bought this year are the games I was interested in.

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yeah, I think everything turned out about how I anticipated, with Horizon being the only game to actually outperform my expectations.

Thing about Andromeda...BioWare has been a fairly disappointing company since it left Interplay for me, and while that doesn't mean I don't enjoy their games, I do expect a lot less from them than most people. Thought it was fun to play but fell apart in the areas of agency, RPGing, story and atmosphere, which is typical for a BioWare game, so in the end, I can't really say I was disappointed - that's what I expected.

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Mass effect Andromeda still enjoyed it but i expect much moe and GT sport dissapoing after so many years waiting

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Nothing really.

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Necro bump.