Monster Hunter: Iceborne Hype Thread

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My fellow Wigglers, thirty days to go. Prepare your γ ass-less chaps for the cold!

For many us older Hunters it's difficult to break old habits. And that's the exact reason Monster Hunter: World expansion Iceborne is so anticipated. In fact some of my clan negatives towards World was lacking a ice map/ more elemental loot outside the dragon type (bring back my Skyrippers). Though scoutflies being garbage usually makes up the bulk

I’ve seen some comments that the expansion is alienating the new fans that enjoy the current rhythm. And my statement to that is “don’t knock it till you’ve tried it”. From the development notes it's made clear the goal is to rid out some of the fat from MH:W, and emphasis on teamwork.

Will it be harder? Most certainly. Expansions to MH always are. But that's not why they're praised. Unlike the vocal DkS community of "Git Gud". MH and its community is namely known for collaboration, whether that breaks sales for the newer crowd I suppose will be put to the test. But with the time I had with Iceborne can state it felt right

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MHW Iceborne LS main here! This marks about 7 month of not "playing" MH games, even skipping AT Nergi and recent festivals (did try out demo).

Going in fresh as possible for my next 1000hour journey of hunts, Cannot wait! Btw there probably will be boatloads of LS mains. I am sold at the god anime tier Iai Slash but definitely will be meta bow for best time.

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@sakaixx: Dual Blade and Long Sword main, been that way since 2008 with P2ndG. Before then I leaned more to Sword and Shield, though grew bored of blocking tactics. Still wish they'd bring back the tonfā.

And while LS certainly is top meta in World along with DB and LBG it has not always. And may see a huge bump down the list.

The 4 series had Insect Glaive and Great Sword ranking above all else. LS was also barely used online with MH3 series. If LS or even my loved DB get a nerf? they'll remain my mains regardless. Cool if the meta has my favor but I don't live by it. For me it's the feel and flexibility with my choices.

And while that's cool to enjoy feeling like an anime samurai character, some of the long sword weapons/ design are actually the pike and spear. Not katana and ōdachi

One of the best weapons in 4 series for LS mains.

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Looks exciting . But I haven't beaten MHW yet. Only 40 hours in.

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@DEVILinIRON said:

Looks exciting . But I haven't beaten MHW yet. Only 40 hours in.

While the concept of "beaten" is highly subjective in MH. I assume you mean beat the story portion of the game? Seeing as the game offers much more past that point.

Regardless take your time, it's not going anywhere and MH has a pretty healthy community that plays it often for multiplayer, usually the Event content. I'm still playing base MH:W and have done since launch. Heck I still play MH4G for coop when I get out my 3DS!

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How I'd love to get into the games. I've never played them. Nor do I know much about the series as a whole. :(

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@RSM-HQ: I always main LS since PSP days too! but I always do with LBG, S&S or Bow for hunting with friends nowadays. I enjoyed playing support instead of dps, find it more fun but definitely never gonna do Hunting horn though. Bow meta is awesome in MHW, I did around 7mins with AT Teostra with elemental Bow last year. Don't know what is the average time for now but elemental build for bow is the meta before I stop.

I don't know how is the meta now but the lvl 8 Kulve Taroth weapon is very good then, but god help me I somehow cannot get the Kjarr LS. I got many meta weapons like kulve arrow "water" but where is my fuggin fire sword lol. I gave up after days of farming and actually maxed out the 4th sheet equipment box. first time I actually filled the equipment box in a mh games.

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@speeny said:

How I'd love to get into the games. I've never played them. Nor do I know much about the series as a whole. :(

Think that is always a hurdle with long running franchise, when to jump in and how?

Well for Monster Hunter the only thing I ever recommend is if you can, play it with friends. The game is designed around coop before all else. Having a catch up in the lobby is some of my personal favorite moments in gaming before going to slay the next goal_

Otherwise take your time and not worry too much about older entries. World is technically Monster Hunter 5, even takes place after the events of MH4G. However it's entirely easter eggs that have no huge impact on your playthrough.

Monster Hunter heavily leaves players, to, well play around and find your own rhythm. Certain exploits and handy mechanics do go along way, but if I have to be honest. Most the player-base don't use half the helpful mechanics.

As such will throw some pointers, some of these are never explained in the game(s). And while it's a big "what" beforehand. When you play will make perfect sense-

  • Lifepowder is designed to heal your teammates in the area. One of the best items in the game
  • Do not sleep on custom meal recipes, they make a huge difference
  • The likes of Demon Powder and Mega Demondrug stack.
  • Ghillie Mantle+Bombardier+Mega Bombs= easy damage with no risk what-so-ever. Doesn't matter what weapon you main, this works for everything.
  • Fly to camp after monster retreat often. Going in the tent auto recovers health and weapon sharpness. Not to mention stocking-up
  • Speaking of sharpness, Whetfish Fin makes life easier
  • Flashpods, flash pod everywhere. . Not joking, very handy. They brick or confuse enemies. Sometimes both. Has its limits on higher ranked monsters.
  • Dung pod if you think a cart (death) is coming, even if the monster doesn't retreat it at least auto changes its current pattern
  • A lot of new hunters struggle with Diablos. Screamer Pods for when they tunnel
  • Late game, Elder seals for those pesky temp breeds. Nerfs damage dealt to you and your team. Always have one High ES User

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@sakaixx: From the demo build of Iceborne many consider Insect Glaive to be the current meta. Meme going around is "The King has returned" But based on Worlds own demo build, didn't really reflect the final product so could be anything.

I too loved Kulve Taroth siege weapons. Just love that quest really, so well paced. Taroth Sword Fire has been one my main LS weapon for awhile even before Arch came out, and really the only fire weapon I like in the whole game. Not that we really had any good choices. .

For DB ended up enjoying our clans Downy Crake sleep build too much. Very exploitable, we butcher Extreme Behemoth in record time with no carts in sights. And continue to do so. I doubt we'll get a Master Rank variant of that weapon. It's a little too good. . Though funny to use.

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@RSM-HQ: The MH RNG god probably toying with me on the drops. I can't even get the other Rarity 8 LS from Kulve too like Kjarr Fire, Kjarr Decay all nothing. The rarity 8 Taroth Sword Fire has white sharpness and its stats is almost equal to the Divine Slasher if I am remembering right. White sharpness means all jewel slots can be used for everything else other than handicraft which I uses in all of my Divine Slasher builds. Lucky you if you got the sword, took me weeks farming the AT Kulve before I gave up and just run with Divine Slasher or Lunastra LS for my runs.

I think damn game probably guessed I used LS alot with dps builds and decided to screw me so I uses other builds. it took me around 500hours for my 1st attack jewel drop too. fukin hell everyone else in my chat already has at least 2-3 drops by then. (and no, never and will never do the elder melder save scum )

Anyhow so far been like what, 14 new monster announced? Please at least get to 25. if not then at least change the attack pattern for base MHW monster in MR. I will be really pissed if they reuses monster attacks for MR like how they did tempered monsters.

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Not really a true Monster Hunter fan but I really did enjoy MHW for the most parts but never gotten around finishing up the story and will skip this Iceborne expansion until it goes up for sale on Steam. For those who are looking forward to it, I hope you all enjoy :)

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@RSM-HQ: Thanks for the heads up. I'll try to get a few of my buddies to try it out along with me. I think it could be a lot of fun. :)

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I think I will hype.

I've been tossing around the idea of getting back into MHW anyway.

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@davillain-: I understand avoiding the series, it's a gaming commitment in all intense and purposes. Can get a fill in half hour or hour sessions; but is designed around bringing the player-base back again-and-again for endless re-playability.

And only so much time to give our games. MH is huge, and while can be played in short bursts, is time consuming overall. And best played with end-game (event) content.

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Just want to update I gotten every version of R8 Bharge Blade including Kjarr versions from Kulve. Ahh sweet elementals burst, it sings to me ❤

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Just recently got the final Achievement I needed to complete them all in MHW. 1000/1000 baby! 😁

Still have a few armours and weapons I’d like to make but I am so hyped and so ready for Iceborne, can’t wait.

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Glad to see so much excitement for one of my top gaming franchises_