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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for certain games.

There are probably thousands of moments in video games that made players and viewers alike to cry, blush, angry, scream, and just simply emotional about a scene that happened in the game.

I can go way back to my childhood gaming years and still find compelling, heartwarming AND heart-wrenching stories that can still shake my core.

And I'm sure I'm not the only one!

I'm currently playing Zombie Shooter - Death Hospital right now, and there are probably moments there too... so far my moments are more personal (like me screaming, cursing, and panicking when a zombie comes after me in all directions) but I'm sure as I go further in the story and make some progress, I'll learn and find moments in it too.

But here is a list of in-game moments that still affects me to this very day.

Life is Strange: Max & Warren's Kiss

Life is Strange alone has tons of moments, and it's probably a collection of moments.

But my best moment would be when Max and Warren kissed during Episode 5 of the game. Now I love Chloe and Max too, I do. But hear me out.

Why this moment affected me more than anything else is because of the build-up from episode 1, and how things don't look so good for Warren towards the end either. Based on this, it's obvious that my choices cater more to them ending up kissing. I love Warren and Max for a lot of reasons, but that'll just take too long to write.

So I'm focusing on why this scene works so well to those who end up getting an option for it, and it's because of the scene before it comes to this. Warren and other people are stuck in a diner where you as Max will have to save them from a horrible explosion that is just waiting to happen. Once you somehow save them, this cut scene comes in to show how shit things are now in the game and the blasted storm.

And then, you found a way back and fix things.

But, you'll have to leave the current timeline's Warren behind.

Before you do, you then have a choice to kiss him.

Fire Emblem Fates: Death of Siblings

Yes, the death of Fire Emblem Fate's siblings.

Now you'll see a lot of deaths in this article, but the Fates did it in a way that makes you regret your decision for choosing the other family you have chosen in the game.

A short background of the game, Fates is a game that puts you as the hero/heroine to choose a side between 2 of your families; 1 choice will equivalent to the death of your siblings on the other side. The 3rd game, on the other hand, saves all of them, so there's still hope.

Each death of one of your siblings is nothing but regrets, and it'll practically force you to play the 3rd game just to make sure they all live.

Suikoden 2 Deaths

Yep, all the deaths, especially the main characters who die.

In Suikoden 2, if you don't collect a certain number of heroes in your roster, 1 of the main characters will die.

It'll also affect the ending you get in the game.

The other Suikoden games also have this as a rule, and it always hurts when it happens that I remember crying as a child when they die because of my incompetence.

It doesn't help that you love the characters so damn much either.

Persona 3 & P3P Death of Hero/Heroine

You know that moment where you kill yourself instead? Yeah, that one!

Deaths of other characters already hurt, what more the character that you associate with yourself? The one you build-up and trained?

In Persona 3 and Persona 3 Portable, your character ends up killing his or herself to save everyone.

And even to this day, their death still kills me a little more inside.

Resident Evil Code Veronica: Steve's Death

Another death? Yes.

To this very day, I still can't accept how they kill him off. It's one of those moments you know that the story could have been a lot better if he didn't die.

And the fact that you fight him first, then they show you that he still recognizes Claire?

THEN HE SAVES CLAIRE, and he dies anyway.

It hurts, so much.

I'm still bleeding for Steve Burnside's death.

Ocarina of Time's Love Interests

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

My favorite would still be Ruto, despite how irritating saving her was, in the end, Link and Ruto are just too adorable.

The best moment I love would be the time Ruto gives Link the stone and they shared that cute moment swimming, and the other one would be the reunion 7 years later! Seeing Link blush is always adorable.

But despite being bias with Ruto, Saria's bridge moment is also very special.

Plus, she's the one who gives you your first ocarina!

When Link and Saria spoke in the bridge before the former leaves Kokiri forest, and she hands you her ocarina? It is so special and just precious, okay?

And there you have it. I have plenty more, but I'll stop with this batch for now.

What about you, what's your favorite video game moment?

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for me, seeing microtransactions in a full priced game for the first time. that's when I knew gaming has taken a turn for the worse. I'm now waiting to see when they start charging us by the hour to play.

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When playing War Thunder and almost everyone is camping and clearly isn't a tank destroyer, a SPAA or in the middle of an air battle. Talk about frustrating.

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Mine would be back in grade school when my school bus broke down and I was playing Pokemon Sapphire, trying to get Kyogre. I spent so much time trying to get that legendary and I didn't know how to use items and saves back then before facing one.

I remember it clearly. I was with my brother, I had my Gameboy SP, sweat and tears streaming down our faces until we finally caught Kyogre. We rejoiced. Cried. It was a special gaming moment, and I'll tell it to my kids, and they'll tell it to their kids.

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@rei_ka: You have to deaths and don't even mention Aeris if FFVI? What's wrong with you?

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No game has ever made me cry but this made me feel a little sad.

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@heljar said:

@rei_ka: You have to deaths and don't even mention Aeris if FFVI? What's wrong with you?

No means a follower of the series but always thought Aerith died in Final Fantasy VII. . . Was someone called Aeris in VI?

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Death of Henry and Sam in the Last of Us.

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@RSM-HQ said:
@heljar said:

@rei_ka: You have to deaths and don't even mention Aeris if FFVI? What's wrong with you?

No means a follower of the series but always thought Aerith died in Final Fantasy VII. . . Was someone called Aeris in VI?

Yea, it was FFVII. It probably was a typo lol

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My favorite video game moment is the War for Hoover Dam in Fallout: New Vegas. It's so satisfying to see everybody I helped throughout the game join the war.

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@valgaav_219: That is so true... THAT and Zach's death... there are a lot more I am sure of this lol

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Beating a major boss of some kind really.

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I guess if we'll talk about this... it would be the scene of Last of us where Joel tries to shield Sarah from the shots, but she still died anyway. Just before the soldier can execute Joel, Tommy arrives, gunning down the soldier, but he and Joel cannot do anything to stop Sarah's bleeding. It broke my heart </3

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@clifford_sexylips: you really went there...ugh... kinda like how TWD went with Clementine and Lee. Honestly, is there really memorable moments that doesn't include death?