Modern warfare controversy

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Gaming journalists say that modern warfare is too real. What do you think.

I think modern warfare should be realistic without crossing the line

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@sayuta said:

Gaming journalists say that modern warfare is too real.

Good thing nobody cares about what they think.

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If game activism...err, journalism mattered, CoD would’ve been cancelled years ago. They’ve been preaching a formula change for years and now that they have it, they find something to complain about. Too much realism? Huh? It’s war - it’s supposed to be ugly.

Has anyone even talked gameplay?

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Gaming "journalists" it's sad and pathetic how weak they are the younger generation are so soft it's not even funny. I couldn't imagine how these idiots would react when the original Manhunt came out they are a embarrassment to the gaming industry they need to find a new job man I miss the 90's.

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"This game is too immersive, 6/10."

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I read about the devs saying they were going to remove a scene with implied pedophilia, and what's interesting is a story I heard in the press a few months back about a soldier serving in Afghanistan coming out to the press about something he witnessed during his service that he felt was important to share. Apparently Afghani military leaders in that country routinely take young boys as sex slaves and it was a common practice that our military leaders just turned a blind eye to for the sake of the alliance. So we have a scene in the new CoD that really speaks to that very same story and we want to remove it because it makes people uncomfortable...well, maybe it should. And maybe we should have this discussion. Removing it from the game isn't going to change the reality, but making this sort of behavior known - that might.

Tired of activism that solves no problem other than the "activist's" self esteem.

I would also say that maybe we have a little too much fun playing military shooters and it's good for us to once in a while be reminded about the truth of the source material. I'm not saying we can't have fun with military shooters, I'm just saying every few installments in a series let's do a campaign that doesn't completely apply the Ubisoft-brand whitewash.

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There is no controversy.

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If these whiny sissies (Both the Game Journalists and devs themselves) can't handle a re-master of something old without screwing with the source material all because of, 'Too real' or "This offends me so I must cater"... than clearly, both are not capable of handing their given title properly.

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Huh... is this specifically about just CoD Modern Warfare, as in, the first game? Only significant CoD controversy that comes to mind is that of MW2 because of the level where you can shoot up a bunch of civilians in an airport.

Anyway, there have always been groups of people that like to put blame on video games for problems in society. That will likely never change. I wouldn't really care if it weren't for there being politicians that actually want to take some sort of action against video games whether through taxes or outright bans.