Metroid movie changes,

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OkayI'm not saying they should ever makea Metroid movie but here are a number of changes from the gamethat they probably would have to make for the sake of realism, if they evermade one.

1. Samus would be avigilante instead of a bounty hunter.

2. She would have to have a secret identity.

3. She would have to have all her abilitys and powers throughout the entire movie rather the discover them.

4. Her Spider ball ability would have to cling onto any kind of surface whatsoever and not have the spiderball track featured in the movie at all.

To name but possibly a few.

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I miss Metroid Prime soooooooooo bad :(

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If there was a Metroid movie, we'd be the guys in the front row chanting "SPOILER! SAMUS IS A WOMAN! SPOOOOILER! SHE'S GONNA TAKE HER HELMET OFF! YOU'LL ALL SEE!"

And when the security guard yells at us, we immediatley go silent.