metro 2033 xbox 360 U.S. version in sealed new condition availibility

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Can someone please tell me what the hell happened to the U.S. versions of metro 2033 for the xbox 360 because I can't seem to find any in new condition? There are millions of european versions in new condition floating around on the xbox 360 but no U.S. versions in new condition anywhere. I mean, its easier to find the 1990 nes world championships gold in new condition which is a $20,000 game as opposed to metro 2033 u.s. xbox 360 which is supposed to be a $20 game. There is something seriously wrong with beinbg able to track down a game that could cover all the costs associated with 2 full associate degrees in my college versus a game which I can't find which would not even be able to pay for one torn up course book.

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#2 Posted by williebazerka (305 posts) - They have them brand new for $19.99
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I hate used games so I will talk about what happened when I try to order a new condition version of this game. I ordered the supposedly american version from amazon in new condition and got the european version instead of the american version. I tried again ordering from a seller that represented having an american version in new condition and ended up with another european version. Every damn store or video game seller in the U.S.A. only has the european version in new condition. Oh well, I give up. I'll just think about the upcoming Metro the last light game instead of giving myself a headache over a game that has disappeared faster than realistic military shooters have this generation.
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Realy cool game... I think.