Men of War overrated ?

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Tried the first man of war game,holy shit the micromanagement is so bad is not even funny,the AI make every action instantly so you can't win battles the only way to win is playing like a stealth game and saving/reloading,no to mention the game is unrealistic as hell since when common hand granades can damage tanks ? i never seen tanks so useless like this in a video game before ! everything the AI throw at my tanks can damage and disable them ! also wtf is this long range anti-tank pak gun with super accuracy bullshit killing my soldiers while they are running ?

I disappointed with this game i have much more fun with company of heroes.

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It was never really praised or a big franchise. So no, not really.

From what I played, yea, the micromanagement stuff is abit much.

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Calling a game "overrated", is overrated.

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I don't think it was all that 'rated'.

Who thought it would be fun to control 300 men, each with ammo that needs reloading, inventories that need managing on per man basis.

I think it's the third sp level you get attacked constantly by waves of enemies from all directions and you have to defend multiple points.

A tank minigun will moq down 20 men in under a second but a pak will take out that tank from 4 screens away in 1 shot.

It is the worst. If you could slow it down about 5x it could be fun.