Mario Royale is back!

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I am sure many of you are familiar with the fan made game known as "Mario Royale" that got extremely popular for the short time that it was up as shown in the video. It lasted for only about a week until it got hit with a DMCA notice for copyright reasons, so the owner of the game made "changes" to it to where it was up for about another week or so, until he was forced to shut down the game completely. Little did people know, a group of new owners brought the game back to life under a different website shortly after and has been running ever since (get it? running?? ah forget it...).

The game right now doesn't have as nearly as many players as it use to since many people do not know it has been revived. It has had many changes and updates since the copyrighted version, so if you are interested in playing it or getting back into it, the link to the game will be provided below. And if possible, PLEASE share the new game with as many people and friends as you can, so that they can build up a new community of players. Take care everyone!