Making friends through online gaming?

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Have you made any actual friends through playing games online? Not someone you found out shared your love of playing video games and you started gaming together and a friendship grew out of that. Not someone from a message board that you'd chatted with prior to ever playing together. But have you ever formed a friendship with a total random stranger you met while playing online?

I'll be honest, I don't really like people all that much in general, and I've often found people online typically seem to be at their worst - especially when it comes to online gaming. It's why I'm not all that into PvP unless it's my small circle of "real life" friends playing with and against each other. And it's why, on those rare occasions that I do step outside my group and play with strangers, I never use a headset and instantly mute everyone else. But there have to be some people out there who aren't totally disagreeable a-holes that launch into racist, sexist, homophobic, profanity-laced petulant tirades regardless of whether they're winning or losing, right? Right?

So, has anyone out there ever stumbled into a quality individual that they're glad they met through this hobby, someone who went from complete stranger to genuine friend? And, if so, what game were you playing when you met them, because I'm betting it typically only happens in MMOs, if at all.

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No. But there is this new game app called miimoto on the iPhone, made by Nintendo, which allows you to make friends.

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I've made friends over the years but none have been long term. More of a we benefit each other for the time being so lets hang out until I find someone else who benefits me better.

Thats 99% of the people in most online gaming.

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Not really, but when I was younger I made a few friends through online BBSes (yes, I'm -that- old). Since BBS services were based on dialup, you had good odds that everyone you were talking to was local. I'm still in contact with a few of those friends today.


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Way back when , yeah I made a few life long friends thru online gaming. We still meet up now and then but not as frequently in the past but yeah, to make it short, a worthwhile friend relationship was formed and we all became pretty good buddies. Everyone moved on now, such is life but there are a few of us who still keep up with each other now and then and I think we genuinely miss the old days where we would hang out with each other multiple times a week and do nothing but talk about games or play games together. I will regularly get them over my place and we would do all-nighters.

It was freaking awesome, some of us had pretty wide age gaps like close or even exceeding 10 years (I was 17?18?) then. But its all about the games.

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So far i got one friend from Pokemon GO, they live in the neighborhood and i talk to them when i see them.

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Haven't made any real friends. There are just a couple of people I occasionally play with on steam and we don't even chat or anything.

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@Byshop: I remember BBSes; I'm an old man, too. And I imagine a lot of people - back in the long, long ago, in the before time - made some friends that way. With a BBS or modern day message board/forum, talking to and interacting with other people is sort of the whole point. Whereas, with online gaming, it seems to be about the games and just the games. It doesn't seem like anyone is there for social interaction, even as a secondary component to the experience. And as an extension of that attitude, it seems like everyone is focused solely on winning, to the point they almost resent people who are playing casually, playing just for fun. It's rather depressing.

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Not really. Got pretty chummy with some guild mates in World of Warcraft back in the day, but nothing that translated into "real life".

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Haven't made 'friends' with online gamers that I only know through multiplayer interactions, but I do play competitive and jolly cooperation with random gamers. It's fun. However, I think it's important that others know how important privacy and keeping it game focused in this medium is.

If they get personal for whatever reason, asking my name and home address? I simply remind them "not to go Social Media on me", when I log-on, it's all about gaming unless it's with my actual friends or family. But if the latters a case, I'll make a personal chat-room.

Even if you're a lonely person. Don't go to a PvP or PvE experience wanting 'friends'. It makes it awkward for us that just want to play games.

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I've made a couple of 'friends' through online gaming - people I met during a game, and now whenever we play games we will be on voice chat talking about work and all that kind of stuff.

More often, I've connected with people on here and then gone on to become friends with them by playing games. That hasn't happened for a while though.

I think my qualification for 'friend' would be that if I were going through the town where they live, I'd go out of my way to meet them in person.

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While on the 360, I've met people who end up being my friend for over 5 years. I still play with them everytime lol

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I've known a guy for about 10 yrs from playing gw1 and 2. We still talk lol :D

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Yes. The internet is the only possible source of friends for me. And I'm fine with that.

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@with_teeth26 said:

I've made a couple of 'friends' through online gaming - people I met during a game, and now whenever we play games we will be on voice chat talking about work and all that kind of stuff.

That's the sort of thing I had in mind. I'd be less apt to insta-mute everyone if I joined a game and heard people chatting about the latest movies they'd seen, or music they were into, or interesting news stories (nothing political, though, because that's never going to end well). Instead, the one time I heard someone trying to strike up friendly conversation some other knob started shouting expletives at him and then proceeded to abuse and berate the guy through the entire match. I just don't get the need for all that hostility.

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Ive met 2 friends. 2yrs on we are the closest friends. We go out. Go cinemas. Review games together

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I did, multiple times.

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I know this is an old post but there is this MMO game called Wizard101. I know it may seem like a game only for kids but overtime it's changing to be more adult friendly. I met so many of my friends through that game, I even have gone outside of this MMO and we've added each other through Steam and what not. There are still some jerks but mostly some really nice people. I recommend playing this game to meet some life long friends. So far, I've met five people that I've planned on meeting in real life.

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Like real-life, physical friends? No. All my friends in gaming are e-friends; people I don't know on a personal level.

With that said, I've had some good e-friends, especially in World of Warcraft. Back in the day with Counterstrike and Team Fortress Classic, if you went to the same server often enough you'd see the same people, talk to them, get to know them and make e-friends with them. That was fun, I miss that good clean competition and cooperation in games like that. Now it's all nasty and about scores and stuff, there is no integrity hashtagbackinthedayoldmanramblings

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Well if you're spending hours and hours of your free time doing something that you both enjoy with someone else - then I guess that's a form of friendship - even if it doesn't involve swapping private details and meeting up in "real life".

It's best when there's lots of chatting.