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Make a One Piece Online MMORPG for PC or PS3 i would like to see some amazing features on it too, like: 1. unlimited adventure, never ending game play. 2. we create our very own character and make it stronger through online interaction with other players and have a choice to eat Demonic Fruit or Not 3. Demonic Fruit Ability must be only 1. in other words, only 1 Specific DF Ability exist s in the whole game. example; only 1 player can possess Ice-Ice Ability 4. Can choose whether to be Marine or Pirate 5. Online Interaction must be fun and like real-life or real-OnePiece Anime 6. Pirate Ships must have more than 1 player to sail 7. No "Item Mall", make it Pay2Play as long as it doesn't have "Item Mall", where you can buy items to be strong. no use of playing if it has "Item Mall" 8. Pirates' Clan Vs Pirates' Clan ... Pirate Vs Pirate ... and many more events. Why Do i Suggest About This? * Obviously because of One Piece already attracts a lot of people to read it's manga, and to watch it's anime. also, try searching the net, there are ALREADY MANY PEOPLE SUGGESTING TO HAVE One Piece Online MMORPG that definitely looks like the One Piece Anime or Manga. So no doubt that this "One Piece Online MMORPG" is going to attract thousands of people to play it. No Need to Flame or Hate this Suggestion, if this ever gets implemented then it's good, you have the choice to play it or leave it. so , no hating, just love & respect.
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Eh, I don't think this will work. There are only so many Devil's fruit. Eventually they'll run out. What then?
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Eh, cool but not gonna happen.

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that is the least things we can think of right now. the most important thing is to make those games company to recognize about the One Piece for them to start the game, that's why we need more supporters for this suggestion. Naruto is just like One Piece, and yet, Naruto already got an official online game of it's own.
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Eh, I don't think this will work. There are only so many Devil's fruit. Eventually they'll run out. What then?mrmusicman247
Well, since his suggestion states that you can only pick 1 Demonic Fruit power, that wouldn't be a problem. It would be like a Prestige Class, if I may speak in D&D terms.
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I'm not sure who you're telling to make that.. And please don't try and bring MMO to the PS3/Consoles.. And if you must.. at least mutil platform, as it would be..
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i think it would be good idea to have that as a game but you should be able to but and that's it. Also maybe there should be double of every devil fruit since everybody would like to have a devil power and you should be able to sail by yourself at first as a beginner.
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I would really like to have and play a MMORPG game for ONE PIECE .... maybe they can design their own fruit ... and character and job... like doctor, chef, leader, navigator , and many others. and you can pick what raise you would like to be ... a fish man , a human , a animal ( who can talk), and others. :) and make or desgin your own ship when you reach a certain level. and make a crew. the story mode can walk around and everything while playing as a pirate in a crew or something .... and you can have PVP and other modes ,,, and gte other ideas from other MMORPG games...
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you know there is 1 zoan type fruit for each animal species in the world