Magic of E3: FF7R will be released March 3rd 2020 for PS4

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I am damn hyped for this, Yahoooooo

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Nice to finally get a release date for the game. Hopefully the Xbox One version is too far away from that because that will be the version that I’ll be getting.

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@Archangel3371: since you are waiting, how about just wait for the complete edition on next gen console/pc

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@sakaixx: No. I have no interest in gaming on the PC and I want to play it as soon as possible but as soon as possible on the Xbox One. I’m guessing that a complete edition will be a long ways away.

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Real-time hack-and-slash + episodic content = no buy for me

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@lembu90 said:

Real-time hack-and-slash + episodic content = no buy for me

Especially considering the amount of time it is taking to make each episode. It's going to take 25 years before we can play the thing to completion.

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Imagine I'll be too busy with MHW: Iceborne event quests and Metal Wolf Chaos. Oh well.

Always wanted to try the Final Fantasia series again, (never clicked with these games) and the recent entries haven't exactly been appealing.

Remakes however like this are usually when a developer feels the need to respect long-term and new-fans with the best product possible. No more egotisical ideals, stupid gimmicks, just supplying the goods. Unless Square Enix is an exception to that rule? I just don't know_

Eitherway I'll look at it more when all the 'episodes' are bundled on a PS5 physical disc. As a maybe

For long term story RPG fans, I hope it was worth the wait.

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@lucidique: Episodic content meaning that SE is free to milk the game for DLCs. By the way the game is crap anyway and didn't do the 1997 original any justice. Seriously the game was remade not to meet the fans' demand but rather Nomura's own hubris. He openly said that he hated the turn-based battle of the original and but forced to stick with it because the technological limitations of that time.

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Unless you have some kind of physical impairment (being serious), I don't see the issue with moving to a more active combat system. The mainline FF series up through this era was a level grind. I love FFVII and beat every optional boss, but it's not like the game required any kind of strategy beyond equipping the appropriate materia combinations - although that is admittedly a step up from VI. It wasn't like the Grandia series, where you actually had to consider how you spent your turns; It was instead like most other JRPGs of the day. I'm fine with the new system...hard to get much worse than selecting attack and watching your character play out a canned animation.

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Episode 1 will be released.......I think I’m gonna wait for the complete edition cuz I have the suspicion episode 2 will take a long time to drop. I hope I’m wrong though.