Made a really deep guide on Destiny's Devil Walker

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It has been the longest five days of my life, waiting for Destiny to launch on September 9th. With so much time ahead, I've decided to start working on very in-depth guides for defeating some of the more difficult tasks in the game. Starting up with the Devil Walker, I've got "blueprints" drawn up and a complete indexing of every fight we've been give access to. Check it out if you want to pick apart the Devil Walker and smash right through it this September.

Of course I'm interested to know what you think and how I can improve on this guide, so let's talk about it. I plan to make a basics guide as well, covering the medium difficulty trash mobs like Wizards, Captains and Knights very soon, but let me know if you're interested in something else. No glitch tutorials, please.

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I really like the blueprint animations.

Unfortunately I could never make a worthwhile guide for this, because it would consist entirely of "Shoot the legs".

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@Naquada: When you're thinking about the fight on the most basic level that's true. That's pretty much how you say it when you're learning it live in-game as well. I made this guide with two things in mind - learn the fight if you've never played it and/or it took forever to kill, and kill it the fastest you ever have because you're no longer dying.

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From what I've played, there's only 2 things you need to know against the Devil Walker: legs, then neck. Oh, and dodge that damn red laser.

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yeah, I'm in Destiny withdrawal as well. Been hard. Can't find anything to play.

But if you buy what Bungie is selling, the strikes are supposed to be purely DPS dumping, so I doubt many guides will ever be required. The raids, on the other hand, are supposed to demand a lot of strategy, which is supposedly why they're not including matchmaking for raids. We'll see. I just want to use my PS4 for something other than watching baseball.