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Wasteland Wonders

Mad Max is an open-world game, which is a game that allows you to reach an objective in multiple ways. It is mainly a car combat game. The game is based on the 2015 movie Mad Max: Fury Road. The game takes place in a desert wasteland and has many side missions as well as a main quest. The main character is Max who in the beginning of the story line loses his car to Scabrous Scrotus. Scabrous is the warlord in charge of Gastown. He is the son of the original nemesis from the movie Mad Max: Fury Road. Max is befriended by Chumbucket who happens to be a car mechanic and sees Max as a prophet. His ultimate destiny is to help build and drive the Magnum Opus which is the best car the wasteland will ever see. This is a great game to play because of its visually splendid graphics despite its repetitious tasks to complete.

There are some people who feel that Mad Max is a bad game because the game does not follow the storyline of the movie. In fact, one reviewer wrote “The game actually feels insulting to the world Miller presents in his films, derivative of his ideas, lacking any of the creative ingenuity the cinematic versions of Mad Max revel in.” (

There are some people who think that world in Mad Max is dull in contrast to my opinion that the world is very aesthetic. Aaron Birch writes in Den of Geek, “the world does feel a little dull at times, with reused structures and little in the way of variety.” There are some who share this view, but I think they are being too harsh on the game especially when considering the price point for this game is fairly low.

But although the game does not completely follow the storyline of the movie, the graphics of the wasteland and its characters make it worth it. Also, this is a primarily a car game! There are over 15 upgrades that can be done in the game alone for this. Johnathan Miley from writes that “… the plot is not why you should see a Mad Max movie and it’s certainly not why you should play a Mad Max game. It’s the cars. And Mad Max is all about cars, specifically driving them and blowing things up with them.” I personally find the graphics of the entire wasteland to be superb and stunningly realistic. There are also many parts in the game that require repetitious gathering of items, scrap metal and other interesting things to keep you occupied for hours on end. While this is a downside to the game to some people, I find it to be just another challenge to complete.

I disagree with the opinion that Mad Max is dull because the graphics in the game are eye-popping! The sky scenes are very realistic and visually stunning. The open desert is visually near perfection. Every character in the game is different in style and appearance. Also, the variety of different cars in the game, each with its own unique style is graphically mastered in detail right down to the tire tread. The main car in the game called the Magnum Opus has a plethora of options and upgrades that change the graphical detail of the vehicle into many variants. This is just one vehicle out of over a dozen in the game. The detail in the graphics are not compromised when playing the game. You almost get the feel that you are really driving while playing the game.

Mad Max is a visually exciting game. While some might think it to be dull because of the similar structures in the game, this is a minute portion when observing the game in its whole. The superb graphics used in developing characters, scenes, and vehicles in Mad Max is one of the single greatest contributing factors that make this game a worthy addition to anyone’s collection. Overall, despite a lot of repetition in the game the aesthetics and open world concept of the game make it one of my favorites and give this game a definite thumb up.

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It's good. I would actually say that Max in the game is the best version of Mad Max. Better than Mel Gibson and Tom Hardy. Fun game to play too, unless we factor in that race at the end. That was just... no.

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Mad Max is one of the most over looked games of this gen.

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Great game, great open world, great everything.

Only negative thing is the racing. The game world feels quite authentic, and the death races simply do not fit into the game world imo.