LP's and Fair Use

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What do you guys think? I know it really isn't a huge issue now but it probably will be in the future so where does everybody stand on it? Personally I think if companies start cracking down on people monetizing LP's the fair use argument isn't going to work. Since Youtube is the biggest site and a large portion of what's being watched are LP's what could that mean for other kinds of content creators?

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Honestly the only times I can believe LPs have a negative impact on sales are if the game is terrible or it's a completely story focused game like The Walking Dead. If the game is anything approaching reasonable quality then they're just free advertising and cracking down on them is like saying that if people saw what the game was like then they wouldn't want to play it.

Obviously that doesn't mean they don't have a legal right to stop them, but I think (could be completely wrong) to prosecute someone you have to show that their actions have actually harmed you and I can't see any company wanting to stand up in court and declare that no one wants to buy their game now that they know what it's actually like.