Looking for recommendations on good bizarro fiction (weird) video games. PS4, PS2, or Steam

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#1 sanghelle56
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Yes, weird fiction is an actual genre, arguably it doesn't just apply to books. Here's the link to the definition:


I want some truly weird sh*t. Doesn't matter what game genre.

Planning as well to sell all of my physical "normal" games for my PS4 that don't qualify.

Bizarro games I already know about:

- Giraffe Town

- Killer 7

- Mr Mosquito

- The Wardrobe

- Octodad

- Horizon Zero Dawn (I already have it)

- Katamari Demacy

- Warioware

- Halo 2. Because Sexy Arbiter o3o

Now, my loyal Jamal Worthingholes, find me weird games for the aforementioned consoles.

"Buttplugs are imp-like devices you can use as grenades in any cyberpunk games. Just take the plug out of the creature's booty and voila, carpet bomb!"

- Rick Dekker, Blade Runner

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@sanghelle56: From that list the one that stands out is Katamari Damashī

Not just a crazy game with dancing pandas, it's also a personal favorite of mine. An extremely well crafted game, great replay-value, and a fantastic ost.

*Note of warning/ concern about Katamari Damashī, it uses a timer system some find very stressful during play. If you don't like timers in games it may not be a good pick.