Looking For Players- -Minecraft- [Whitelist] Simple Vanilla Survival, MMORPG inspired

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#1 Kaimetsu
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So i have this vanilla server where im basically god and i try to shape the server in a mmorpg style with quests, events, fights, dungeons, structures and other things of the sort. Players have a high impact on worldy matters and many events.

my goal with this is having fun with others, and hopefully making friends, people usually like these ideas of mine

i like making things that people enjoy so whatever would like added would probably be conceded at some point

We now also have a shopping district and classes

You can either frequently grind on events for items and such or just casually play

The world is fairly fresh with a small amount of active players, and im looking for a community i can commit myself to.

More and more things will be added as time passes, like an economy and other plugins

message me on discord or join my server to be whitelisted.

Hope to see you soon ^^

my discord: kai#3124

Discord server: https://discord.gg/V3Cv3Jh