Looking for games similar to Dragon Age Origins

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#1 Posted by lkjghhrkj (38 posts) -
I just finished Dragon Age and while I do not consider myself as a heavy gamer, and I didn't play many games recently, I was very impressed by this game. The key feature that was missing in the other games I played and was in this game is the ability to control multiple characters. This adds so much to the game and makes it into a tactical RTS game instead of the boring hack and slash games that I played recently. I'm looking for a similar tactical RPG which allows you to control multiple characters, I know that Witcher 2 and Skyrim are now considered to be the best RPG games in the market but from what I saw on YouTube these are hack and slash games and do not require strategic thinking. Any recommendations for tactical RPG like Dragon Age? Thanks in advance.
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Hmm, it depends on what you're looking for. If it's just an SRPG in general, I guess you can try games like Record of Agarest War. As for any RTS RPGs... I sadly do not know any other than the DA series.
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You must be new to the games industry (correct me if I'm wrong), though FYI..Dragon Age on its own is based on many OTHER Real time Tactical RPGs...

As for what you're looking for...I GREATLY suggest Neverwinter Nights (1 or 2). Its FAR more complicated than Dragon Age...its got GREAT customization options...

There's also a lot more mods in form of expansion packs and stuff...

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DA:O is a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate so that and it's sequel are good place to start, if you can get over how old it is. NWN too as mentioned above, Icewind Dale is good too, basicly Baldur's Gate with less story and more dungeons. Sadly Dragon Age 2 didn't seem to want to be a sequel to the previous game, so bioware/Black Isles older 2D isometric games are all we have.
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Well from what I saw on YouTube Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2 seem to be the kind of games I'm looking for. But I read people recommending Neverwinter Nights 1 while saying that the sequel no.2 was a let down. This puts me in a dilemma since Neverwinter Nights 2 is available on Steam but the first one isn't. Is there really a big difference between them?
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if you like starwars then you'll love knights of the old republic 1 and 2!

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Well, it's hard to say but I enjoy playing games like Witcher and Skyrim, and there are some games that maybe you would like: Risen, Oblivion, LotR: War in the North, Mass Effect, Fable 3, Fallout 3.
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Fable 3, really? This is the exact opposite of what I'm looking for. The combat system in this game just requires you to click the left mouse button, not a single strategy is needed in order to defeat enemies. If you watched Angry Joe Show of this game you know what I'm talking about. Never mind I think I will go with NeverWinter 2, seems what I was looking for. Thanks guys.
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I know that this is stating the obvious, but have you played Skyrim yet? If not, I would recommend it. Other than that, Fallout 3 or New Vegas maybe ;)

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[QUOTE="lkjghhrkj"]Fable 3, really? This is the exact opposite of what I'm looking for. The combat system in this game just requires you to click the left mouse button, not a single strategy is needed in order to defeat enemies. If you watched Angry Joe Show of this game you know what I'm talking about. Never mind I think I will go with NeverWinter 2, seems what I was looking for. Thanks guys.

Well, there's Mask of the Betrayer...a campaign with a more compelling storyline than the original campaign... Oh....and you can also load created characters to custom campaigns.
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#11 Posted by Prince_Rhymz (107 posts) -
Mass effect series! Also from bioware. I find it has many similarities apart from the obvious sci fi setting :)
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Pretty much anything by Bioware:

Mass Effect 1, 2, 3.

Knights of the Old Republic 1, 2

NWN 1, 2 (+ expansions)

Buldar's Gate 1, 2 (+ expansions)

and last but not least:

Dragon Age II (It is a lot more restrictive, combat is more streamlined, but the story is still great. Plus your actions in DA:O have an effect on the storyline in DA2).

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#13 Posted by lkjghhrkj (38 posts) -

I played Mass Effect long time ago and I gave up some where in

the beginning of the game. I didn't find it interesting, it is more like

a shooter (altought as I remember you can costomise your characters)

and does not allow you to control your allies. Or is it? Maybe some one

can refresh my memory...

Button line, I remember Mass Effect as a shooter (I still have the disc

some where in my shelf).

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Ummmmm... Drakensang, anyone?

Try Drakensang: The Dark Eye and Drakensang: The River of Time. I think you'll like it, it reminds me of the original epic fantasy tales, books, movies and games... Just give it a try :)

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#15 Posted by biswarupg (25 posts) -

Neverwinter Nights 1 is more enjoyable and story driven than NWN2. NWN2 is graphically more advanced, however both of them have tons of mods and many of them are even better than the oiginal titles. The old Deus Ex games have some tactical elements . The Drakensang series are a bit tough and gets repetitive after some time.

By the way, if you want strategic element in RPG, Baldur's Gate games are the best, though they are in isometric style. The pause feature in them allows the player to make plans beforehand any tough encounter.

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#16 Posted by nadal97 (66 posts) -
Like many said, nwn is quite good, there is a dragon age sequel but it is not nearly as epic, read my review on it if you like to know more about it. There aren't that many new games that are that much alike to DAO, most are old like baldur's gate. You should probably just get the expansion, Awakening.
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#17 Posted by lkjghhrkj (38 posts) -

I tried some of the games that were suggested here and I had fun

with each of them. But still I want to give my impressions on

these games so I will list them here from top to bottom according

to how much fun I have with each.

Kotor : Fantastic game with great story and characters. The combat

is not as challenging as in Dragon Age and can be very easy even

on hard mode, but it still fun. I like this game as much as I liked

Dragon Age.

NWN2 : This was the most similar game to Dragon Age that I tried.

I liked the characters (especially Qara and Casivir) but I felt that

the story was flat and uninspired. The combat system is more deep

and complex than in Dragon Age, but still I felt that the game was

very easy (I played on normal), much more easy than Dragon Age.

The most irritating thing about this game, like almost every game

that is being made by Obsidian, is the bugs. I can't defeat the last

boss because of a bug. Despite all of these cons I still had a great time

with it.

Mass Effect : I have mixed feelings about this game. It has a great story

and characters, and it is very polished. But I can't embrace it as much

as Dragon Age or Kotor because it doesn't have the tactical combat of

these games. I didn't feel during the whole game that my teammates

were important because I didn't have direct control on them.Overall this

game feels more like a console video game rather than a pc,I guess that

Bioware aimed this game primarily to console gamers somaking this

game with tactical combat will be extremely hard to implement on a gamepad.

Icewind Dale II : This game has the best combat system in my opinion compare

to all the other games I played and the it is very challenging. Unfortunately

until now this is the only positive thing I can say about this game, the story is very

linear and the gameplay itself is linear. The characters have no personality (you create

them after all), so because I can't get into the story the game becomes more and more

repetitive and the combat is the only thing that saves the game for me right now. But I

only finished half of the game so maybe the story it is getting better later.

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#20 Posted by oakengroves (50 posts) -
If you're looking for great party interaction, I'd suggest that you play NWN 2 instead of NWN 1. NWN 1 lacks in-depth character interaction, and your "party' is limited to one henchman who lacks any driving story. NWN 1 is -not- story driven and plays more like an action RPG, imo. The character interaction and depth of NWN 2 absolutely eclipses NWN 1. In order of quality, I suggest the following titles: (1) Baldur's Gate II (possibly the best RPG, ever); (2) Knights of the Old Republic; (3) Planescape: Torment (4) Neverwinter Nights 2; (5) Knights of the Old Republic II. Again, Baldur's Gate II stands out among the crowd as a true gem and landmark RPG that has still not been surpassed to date.
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#21 Posted by theru8543 (94 posts) -

i would def. recommend Knights of the old republic 1 and 2...its for Xbox and does work on the 360...you can also get it for PC and MAC...combat is VERY similar to Dragon Age, and it has a good story. plus its also by Bioware

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#22 Posted by leprajoe (25 posts) -

If you don´t care about Graphics and know how to use Dosbox or have some old PCs

try Wizardry 6-8. Great Story, Combat is sometimes very, very difficult

try Ultima 4-7. Some of the best Stories ever told in RPG, whole party control, same Characters in all Games

try Torment. Best Story ever (with Baldurs Gate)

try Realms of Arkania (Das schwarze Auge). All you want with poor graphics

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#23 Posted by Soilworkcob (626 posts) -

To the original poster: Bioware has claimed both Neverwinter Nights and Dragon Age: Origins as the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate 1+2. I say you start there. You said you enjoyed the combat system in Icewind Dale II. Well, play Baldurs's Gate 1 and 2 + Throne of Bhaal, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, as the character developement is beautiful and the story is the best you'll come across, plus the combat is almost identical to Icewind Dale's.

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#24 Posted by MysticSun (25 posts) -
I have been online gaming for 13 years but not an expert at any of them. I started off with dungeon seige. This is a good game to play if you like to play a game that has the same option controlling several characters at one time. Unfortunately when they came out with Dungeon Seige 2 they failed to keep the game similar to the original as they did in Dragon Age 2. I am so upset with Dragon Age 2. At least the expansion pack Awakening was part of origins but with DA2 the changed everything including the interfacing which was not pc friendly more like a console game on the pc. Every quest & World of Warcraft if you are in RPG fantasy. But these you pay monthly fees. Some say Guild Wars 2 is good, but I was not a fan of Guild Wars 1 even with it being free. Seemed like to many young kids playing an had more fun running around half naked then playing the game. I might give GW 2 a try though since so many people recommend it. NWN (never winter nights) I have them all and this game provided me with tons of entertainment but once I found WOW with the graphics and gamy interfacing its hard to go back to point & click turn style games. But you do have some control of another toon to assist you. Just not the control you had in Dragon Age. I loved Dragon Age Origins & like you I have not found a game that beats Dragon Age Origins yet. . The characters, the interfacing, and interaction with the characters and loved the story line. I hated that it ended. You can down load mods to make the game more enjoyable and customize. You can also do that with Dungeon Seige as well. But the graphics is older since its been out a while and it has the point & click style of fighting. I have not played Baulder"s Gate yet. I hear that skyrim the elder scrolls. is another good one and looking forward to trying it out. I did not like the original Morrow wind which is the spin offs to Skyrim. Marrow Wind was a turn base game and but like Dragon Age you change the game outcome on the options actions and dialogue you choose while playing the game. For me the point and click move style of games is frustrating. When you are use to a higher end game play. But some love them or it does not bother them. Fable the lost chapters and & Fable 3 are good but you do not have the control of others when fighting. Story is okay, graphics great, your game is changed based on dialogue you choose and actions you choose during the game. Forsaken seems so far to be interesting but I am sure I will not play long since it has the point & click style move on the game. They have some very new games coming out with awesome effects and graphics. If you are using console games Final Fantasy games seem look fun to play. I have not played it but have watched my son play them all. Good luck in your search. I am doing some searching as well for the same thing. Let me know if you have any questions or if you find a game you think is as good as Dragon Age Origins>
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#25 Posted by lkjghhrkj (38 posts) -

To MysticSun

Yes I'm still doing my search for games similar to DAO. I'm playing what most people in this

forum recommended: NWN 1 & 2, Baldur's Gate, PlaneScape,IceWind Dale, etc. These are the

only games that I found and it seems that there is a very limited audience for this genre.

BUT, I would like to inform you that there are two upcoming Kickstarter games projects, Project Eternity

and Wasteland 2, that according to the developers will be similar to games like DAO and

Baldur's Gate. It's so good to see sites like Kickstarter that encourage crowd funding and

make developers independent from publishers (e.g. look what EA done to Dragon Age 2).

I pledged for Project Eternity and unfortunately I missed the crowd funding for Wasteland 2.

Other than that, I looked at games that you suggested, Forsaken the Morrowind. They

look more similar to Skyrim rather than to DAO so I don't know how much interest I will have in them.

There are other games that I putted on my radar and maybe you can give me your recommendation

on them. I heard that King's Bounty is a good hybrid of RPG and turn base tactics (although I prefer

real time tactics like in DAO), also SpellForce seems to be an interesting combination of RPG and a real time

strategy game, but I heard that the production values of this game are terrible.

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#26 Posted by Whitwhit1893 (25 posts) -
I'm just curious, have you heard of the From Software game(s) Demon Souls and/or Dark Souls? I think either one of those is something that would peak your interest.