Looking for an old 90`s-00`s game

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Hello everyone, as the title begins, i`m looking for a very old game, somehwere from betwean 1990-2000. It`s a PC, 2D platformer where you could play as 1 of the 3 classes - mage, archer and warrior(no not Trine, Trine is 2009). So what you did is, you had to walk through the dungeons collecting gems and fighting different kinds of foes, doing some mediocre platforming, you could also upgrade your characters skills if i`m not mistaking. And as far as I remember, I haven`t played this game in 10, or more, years, the final boss was some large skeleton with a crown. The heoes all looked like dwarfs or maybe even Vikings, but it`s not any of the Lost Vikings games. And yet again, if my memory doesn`t fail me miserably, the executable was called dwarf.exe or dwarf2.exe (cause that was what it looked like on my desktop at the time, cause I spent so much time in front of it) So, if anyone can come up with the answer, what this game is called, i`d just be obliged to give him cookies. Thank you`s in advance.
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Sounds a bit like "Golden Axe"...

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Thank you for your reply, but that`s not the game I`m looking for. Still haven`t found it yet, maybe if this helps - it had a cartooney style to it.
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Lost Vikings?http://www.gamespot.com/the-lost-vikings/

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Yeah, no, it`s not the Lost Vikings, I mentioned that in my first post, but thanks for trying.

Still searching for this game

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One of the Dungeons and Dragons arcade games?

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Gauntlet Legends?