Looking for a Rpg game!!

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Ok so i am looking for an online rpg.First i would like it to have a variety of classes and roles.Then another important factor to me is to have diffrent builds.And what i mean by builds is that you are able to build your class with diffrent ways.Any suggestions?ofc if there is a game but it doesnt have everything that i am looking for still mention it i will take a look at it!!!Thanks to anyone who helps!!

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you can Try Star Wars Galaxies. You only need to just 1.get the game maybe from amazon(since it's an Old game). and 2.Download the Galaxies Emulator(GEmu) for that.

I heard that it is one of the Best MMORPGs in the terms of Class Variety.

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@dorog1995: i will give it a try man ty for the suggestion

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Persona 5

It has a lot of different classes but idk about the build thing you are referring to

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If you like 'Diablo style' games, try Path of Exile.

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if you're into hardcore, player reflexes and immersive gameplay, try DARK SOULS. PS. it has the most complex yet connected lore.

but if you're into tabtargetting, Ragnarok Journey or Ragnarok Online. community based, party till all of you drop, game buddies. All of those you will find them there.

But if you're into tense and stealth games, Metal Gear Solid series :D Cool graphics, has realism all over it. GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACIES.

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@athanasios1: As far as online and class variety go, I'd recommend Champions Online. The community is still there and generally pretty good, and the class variety and customization are huge. It's a super hero themed MMO, so you can either choose from one of a large number of archetypes (think non-trademark infringing versions of like the Punisher and Doctor Strange, among others) or you can create a freeform character and Frankenstein together a number of different powers to make your own unique hero. Also, you get to create your own nemesis, too. It is free to play, and their free to play system isn't awful as they don't put hardly any core features behind a paywall, so...yeah.