Legends of Kung Fu Fighting game

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Hey guys I am a indie game designer and I'm working on this fighting game I thought you might like to check out

Legends of Kung Fu is a fighting game that pays homage to 70's and 80's martial arts cinema. As a life- long fan of Martial arts cinema and fighting games, this game is meticulously being designed with passion and attention to detail in order to create an authentic cinematic combat experience.
-30,000 Animations
-100 Authentic Moves per style
-30 Characters
-20+ Stages
-Authentic Voice and Sound Effects
-Robust Sound Track of over 100 Original Tracks
Players will have the option of choosing which ever musical backdrop they like. The innovative fighting system gives players the opportunity to experience real cinematic choreographed fights. This aesthetic builds on modern fighting game mechanics like Cancels, Parries, Buffs, chains, link combos etc.

ETA 2014Platform PC

I will be posting a video link and kickstarter fund soon