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Yo whatup. (League of Legends)

There's something new going around, and it's division boosting by these guys. It consists of 2 people duo queing on your account and another to play on

your account and to boost you guys divisions. What we require, is payment, obviously, I do not receive this i am just the messenger repaying a favor.

These people, will take your account information after you have agreed to their terms.

The following are:

Telling them what champions you own.

Telling them your summoner name so they could look you up on LolKing.

They would create a new mastery page and they would modify your rune page according to what runes they might require.

They will not use any of your RP.

They might use your IP for a champion they require to play with, With your permission.

If you wish to have contact with them, please inform me and i will give you their skype information to contact them.

These players are Plat 1 players moving forward to Diamond.

They have high ELO and they are willing to do what is needed to win.

These players will do the following:

Play your provisional matches

Rank you up in divisions

Ranking you up in Tiers

Those 3 things are different in prices.

If you wish to do this, please tell myself and we can discuss a price, this money will have to be transfered to a Paypal account and will be further discussed with the players on paypal information, ETC.

If you plan to wait for season 4, We can play your provisional matches or your matches after your provisional to rank you up.

We also accept packages such as playing your provisional, reaching you to Silver 2 and bringing you up to Gold 5 at a discounted price.

These players currently only bring players to the maximum of Gold 5 as it is much more difficult to go higher.

I ask you to spread the word. The more people you spread this too the more of a discount you will have with evidence of the "Sharing" ofcourse.

Depending on your region to see if you have latency (e.g NA) we will take your offer.

Contact me on Skype at makeelorain