Kingdoms Hearts 2 SPOILERS

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Kingdom Hearts 2 was a fantastic game, really enjoyed it, probably more than the first. i only just recently finished the game, and thought the ending couldn't be any better, what are your thoughts on the game?

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It was a great game. I see it as the best game in the series.

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I loved Kingdom Hearts II for it's story but the gameplay felt a little too easy especially on Proud Mode, but once we get Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD Remix it'll come with Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix which will have extra bosses and features which we never got outside of Japan

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Yeah i loved the game until i got up to sephiroth and didnt end up facing him, because in all honesty sod that haha. Once i get a HD DVR i plan to stream on twitch all of the games i havent played and ones i plan to go back through with, and hopefully beat sephiroth

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Oh yeah Kingdom Hearts 2, the game where chests can be opened in combat and minigames can be played if you get tired of fighting.

I was ok with the ending myself, and for once the last boss felt like the last boss (Honestly, how many times did we even have to fight the boss?).

I love it. End of story.

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Kingdom Hearts II is really where the franchise started falling apart. The gameplay was stronger, but at the same time the story went from a simple-but-entertaining romp through classic Disney worlds into a melodramatic clusterf*ck. This wouldn't normally be a problem with me except the narrative constantly got pushed forward at the expense of the gameplay. KH2 has one of the slowest tutorial sequences in gaming history, and there were pacing problems all throughout, with long stretches of no real plot advancement between more ridiculous plot twists. Several Disney worlds were completely unnecessary to the core story and only served to pad out the game's length. Really, the whole game could have been about 15 hours long without losing anything significant. At least that way, we probably wouldn't have had to put up with stuff like the entirety of Atlantica.

Unfortunately, Square-Enix has it in their heads that this is what the KH fans want now, so every new entry has only made the story more convoluted than ever. Dream Drop Distance especially left a bad taste in my mouth, so I don't hold high hopes for KH3.

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@halipokes: I totally agree to be quite honest, yes we had to face Fake ansem about 8 different times i swear, but the last one was actually pretty decent, the whole mashing triangle and square was intense, gg square enix gg.