Kind of really want a new zombie experience, kind of sick of zombies as a whole

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I've been playing a lot of Left 4 Dead 2 and Resident Evil 2 REmake lately, and it's got me in the mood for zombies again. The problem is, a lot of these games aren't all that great. I like the idea of zombie survival horror a lot, but I can only find a handful of games that keep me pretty entertained.

Are there any zombie games that really do something special? I'm fine with survival elements as long as it's not some absurdly quick draining deal.

EDIT: Wow, you all are really on the right track. I'm happy to see the Rebuild series get some love in here. It's definitely tough to find unique horror games out there, but I've always been looking for new games to cover and give some love - you all were a big help. If you're interested, I touched on a few zombie games that really gave me the ooglies:

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About the only game I've found that do zombies entertainingly well is Sims 3.

Beyond that... I'm afraid zombies are simply better as cinema.

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Try the Zombie Army Trilogy. I didn't like it at first because it felt clunky and I sucked at it, but after an hour or two it's addictive as heck.

There's a new one coming out soon too.

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I really enjoy the Dead Rising games myself. I find it fun crafting all sorts of crazy weapons to mow down hoards of zombies with.

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Dying Light is a fantastic zombie game. The story is nothing special but the atmosphere and traversal in that game is top notch.

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Ironically I don't usually lean towards games that feature zombies despite being a huge Biohazard/ Resident Evil fan. Most games that use zombies are not willing to code A.I. to a decent degree. Dead Rising is a good example of this.

If you really just want games with zombie maybe check out the Dark Soul franchise. Everyone is a zombie by technicality. Great series as well.

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Project Zomboid is really good but it's still early access and I guess more on the hardcore end of survival.

The State of Decay games were decent light survival games but I found they got a bit repetitive.

Zombi / Zombiu was fun too. The rogue-like nature is something I really liked about it.

Rebuild 3 is a fun zombie apocalypse settlement management game but perhaps on the bit simplistic side (was originally a flash game)

Deadlight is a good 2D zombie game that plays a lot like Another World and Flashback. Really short though.

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Have you tried Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare expansion pack? It's a cowboy zombie game. That got me thinking how fun would a medieval zombie game be. You'd be immune to their bite because you're wearing armor.

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re series

dead rising

and well old silent hill games even tho not zombies but to me feel in the same genre(scary)

i think zombies got bombarded over the years with generic crap

i must say re 2 remake brilliant something capcom could continue

left 4 dead needs a 3rd game

anyway if you can get hold of "zombies ate my neighbors" by konami used to be on the snes/megadrive system its a load of fun

and dead island is actually pretty cool