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Welcome to the Gamespot forums, a place where thousands of eager gamers speak their minds (well, type what's on their mind!) about the latest games, the all time greats, classic consoles, current machines and the next generation, as well as reacting to all the latest breaking news. Whatever your point of view, we'd love to hear what you have to say.

The purpose of this, and all the forums on Gamespot, is to discuss the matter in hand, express your love of a certain game or to vent your spleen over that thing which makes make your blood boil. We encourage posters to say why they feel the way they do about something, as this allows for more lively and interesting debates that are beneficial for all members of the community. It does not need to be a serious issue either - it'd be interesting to hear why you think Sam Fisher would beat Solid Snake in a fight! (And the answer is he wouldn't, because Snake has a lot more guts - he can take down a Metal Gear while Sam would be shooting out the lights and skulking in the corner. So there.)

Do your part to make General Games Discussion work for us and work for you. Check there isn't already a similar topic to the one you're planning on posting on the first few pages. When you make a new thread, start a discussion and provoke a debate by explaining your point of view. If you think Final Fantasy VII is the best game of all time say why that is - is it the characters? The well crafted story? The spectacular boss battles? Try and avoid making a thread that will result in one or two word answers. You don't need to write an essay on the subject but saying yes or no or choosing this one or that one makes for a very dull thread and it will in the end get locked. Finally, when making a thread, don't just make a statement; make sure there is some room for debate. Saying Devil May Cry is the third game in the series won't trigger a conversation and isn't beneficial to the forum.

Finally, some advice regarding console comparisons. Don't start a thread asking "Should I buy a 360 or a PS3?" or "I think the Wii is the best because...", as it leads to petty fanboyism and the end result is as useful as a bicycle to a fish. There are plenty of places on the main site here at GameSpot where you can do your own research and find out which machine is right for you.

I hope you found these guidelines useful and I hope you enjoy your time here. Thanks for reading!