Just finished Skyrim and Dark Souls. What 360 RPG should I get next?

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#1 Posted by natanaj (375 posts) -

There are so many out there I can't decide

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#2 Posted by AlbedoSnake (10384 posts) -

Dance Central?

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#3 Posted by d_khan (137 posts) -

Get Dragon's Dogma. This game has every element a fantasy RPG should have, at least to some degree. It is worth the money.

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#4 Posted by kgansor (1871 posts) -
Dragons Dogma, Kingdoms of Amalaur
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#5 Posted by riou7 (10841 posts) -

Lost Odyssey

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Dragons dogma or get the Skyrim DLC or wait for the Dark Souls sequel.
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Sorry didn't realize that two other people already recommended that game, but it is great, maybe try mass effect 3. If you don't mind it being old, try fable 2, the newer ones are crap.
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#8 Posted by PeteSamprasdied (25 posts) -
Definitely Dragon's Dogma.
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Do not get Dragon's Dogma, Crapcom as usual has locked away half the game and is selling it as DLC. They will probably release a complete edition which will include all the locked content in about a year and at a lower price,..Then you should get it
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Try looking into the witcher 2, dragon's dogma, mass effect, dragon age, kingdoms of amalur...

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I also suggest Dragon's Dogma, it's great. Also, Dragon Age 1 and 2 are good too, flaws notwithstanding. Also, think about Two Worlds 2.

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#12 Posted by 3KindgomsRandy (15488 posts) -

There's also Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas to consider. Both are dirt cheap and excellent.