Just Cause 2 save games

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Would someone please tell me why the save game feature is so messed up? The save game feature has like eight slots open, which one can overwrite per each if need be .. ( supposedly )

Each time i save a game at some point after playing it for awhile when continuing upon entering the load of game, for instance, i play like for a hour or two and get through like wahtever amount of play and even a mission or two earlier tonight,, and when i continue after exitng and load the game it takes me to the same point of one particular save file or point. I am so mad. Twice earlier it did this.. and i wasted liked ovre 2 1/2 hours for nodda.

This style of saving a game is oldI know. I have played hunfreds of games over ten years... and longer. I had a simialr issue with one or more of those back then also.

It must work, because it dikd in fact save adn retrun to a save point i had earlier in the game.

Please someone , just explain just how to save and return to a specific point after saving. I am loving this game alot but not this.... thanks!