Judgment...cheating at Mahjong.

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I'm working on the friend event at the Mahjong parlor where I have to win a round with Wareme. I don't understand the rules. I won one round with a cheating tile. I've bought a second, tile, but none of the games available starts with Wareme om me. Is there some way to reset the tables so Wareme starts with me?

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That aside. Oh fk me another mahjong minigame in a yakuza game. They are the only reason I am unable to plat yakuza kiwami 2.. sigh..

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Very complicated game. I reccomend watching YouTube videos of people actually playing real mahjong that is how I learnt.

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There's no way to cheat mahjong without the tiles in Yakuza/Judgement so you have to learn how to play at a basic level.

If you have at least 1 or 2 hours, I recommend watching this tutorial:

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I actually leaned how to play mahjong while getting the platinum in previous Yakuza games, and now I really like it. Shogi is another story, since that's way harder to get decent at, but usually there are methods to cheat those.