Issue with COD:Ghosts DLC

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Hi guys.

I have the US version of COD: Ghosts and a US PSN account. I bought the standard game in the shop with no add-ons. I Downloaded the first DLC (Onslaught) map pack but it's stuck at 'waiting to install'. I have deleted it and redownloaded a few times but same issue. I also cannot access the In-Game store as it wont load so i down;oaded the DLC from the PSN store. Usually it downloads 2 files and one is presumably the Russain version (smallest file) and both get stuck at 'Waiting to install'. I have tried downloading just either one but same problem. please help as i feel i have wasted $20

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Version mismatch. You need to install the appropriate language DLC for your copy of the game. Do this: go to PSN > Account management > Transaction List > Download History. With any luck, the correct DLC pack (marked ENG) will be there as well.