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I saw something recently somewhere on the Internet that I thought I had saved to my computer, but either didn't do so or forgot where I put it. In the event that I didn't save it (or did and don't find it), I was hoping maybe someone else had seen it or can at least point me in the right direction.

It was a chart (but not a spreadsheet) that showed three columns: one for PS4 launch titles, one for XBOX ONE launch titles, and a third for PC titles, which was substantially longer than the other two. The text was normal (like Times New Roman, etc.) and the background was plain white.

I don't know exactly where I saw it or how I got to viewing it. It may have been on GameSpot, or on RAPTR, or somewhere in Steam. I tried retracing my steps, checking my web history, searching links from my most frequently visited websites, but I haven't located it. If there is anyone who has seen something similar, or has any idea what it was I'm looking for, I'd appreciate it.

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A quick Google search led me to THIS. Perhaps it is what you seek?

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Freaking EXACTLY it, Zombie. It was exclusives and not just launch titles I should have been looking for. I need to work on my search engine skills.

Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into finding this, even if it was quick. It's appreciated.