Is Thief for the PS4 Worth Buying?

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#1 Posted by Dyldozzer (29 posts) -

The game looks good, but there are mixed reviews.

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#2 Posted by Randolph (10542 posts) -

It's a very poorly programmed game on all platforms, with a variety of bugs and performance issues. I would pass for now and wait for patches and a price drop.

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From what Kevin Van Ord and the Giantbomb guys were saying,the PS4 version has some pretty bad framerate issues,same goes with the Xbone version but apparently not as bad while the PC version seems to be the one that plays the best by quite a bit. The PS4 version apparently also has a different way to select weapons that uses the touchpad and accoding to Gertsmann it´s kinda terrible.

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#4 Posted by PraetorianMan (1882 posts) -

I'm only a few minutes into the game so far.

My experience?
Have you played Oblivion/Skyrim?
If so, did you enjoy playing a Thief setup where you just rob people blind and steal all their shit?

If you answered yes to both of those, You'll probably really like Thief.

Again I'm only a few minutes in, and things can easily get worse from here, but so far I'm really liking it. I love being the sneaky bastard in the Elder Scrolls games, and Thief is an excellent fit to my tastes.

Also, the game *feels* like a really good title from the mid-2000's, in both good and bad ways. I can't explain it, it just has the feel of a really good, older game.

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@PraetorianMan: Makes sense - I'm pretty sure Oblivion had some former Thief staff working on it.

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Now that I think about it, Dishonored might be a somewhat better comparison.

Big difference being that, so far, I can't see through walls. Who knows if that will show up later.

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It's cool, but its sloppy. Could have used a few more months in the kitchen to iron out some bugs. Its a fully-featured game, but too many technical shortcomings.

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I played it for a few hours today on PS4. I didn't really notice any problems with performance. A little choppy on one of the cutscenes but that's it.

The game is actually really fun. I would recommend picking it up.

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Wait until its in the bargain bin before you pick it up.