Is Sim City down?

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I haven't played the game in a while. Wanted to go on today, I know my internet is pretty slow since changing over to Bell...I just wanted to know if the game is down today? I seem to be stuck at 10% from the patcher.

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its pretty sad when you can't even play in single player mode when their servers go down. no wonder this game failed so bad

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Oh man. No one wants to admit they still have it installed on their system by answering this poor dude's question. Hang on a sec...

Nah, it still boots up. May be your internet or you might need to reboot your PC and start over if nothing fixes the issue. But the servers are working fine.

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Lol, didn't know the game was so bad since they made it only online. I mean I knew a lot would hate it but I still thought people would be playing it? Anyways I also didn't think my connection would be that bad for it, I mean I can play other online games such as WoW. When I boot up the launcher it says North America East 4 unavailable, but when I check on the realm status page it says that all servers are available.