Is persona 5 too spoiled for me to play?

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So I randomly stumbled upon some persona 5 spoilers in Youtube. I read someone named Akaechi (or something) is a traitor and that a certain Yaldabaoth is the final boss. Is the game doomed for me? Please don't put further spoilers lol!

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As any Persona the last boss kind of come out of nowhere so having his name add nothing.

The traitor happen late in the game so yeah ...

To be frank those are minor things.

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They're spoilers but they won't destroy the whole game. If anything, they might help you make the right decisions when the time comes. That way you'll get the best ending possible.

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Just go get yourself a memory wipe and then play it. :)

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Wow that is big spoiler. Like the whole game is based around that

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That is a pretty big spoiler. But there's a lot more to the game for you to enjoy so I'd recommend giving it a go despite knowing that piece of information going in.

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@SoNin360: Not only is the story great, but a big part of the game is the challenging combat (at least on hard difficulty). Play this game whether you know about a traitor or not.

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Those are one of the biggest spoilers of the game, especially Akechi. This is why I stay away from Youtube when it comes to games you'll buy in future, as Youtube gives you video suggestions based on your Youtube history.

To answer your question, yes, you are doomed! What you need to do is erase your memory or buy it in 5 years time where you will probably have forgotten all about the spoilers and this thread.

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That tells you nothing, so don't worry. Akechi being the traitor is a very obvious deduction that the game expects you to pick up on, but there's a second and much cooler twist, plus a couple more that happen during the end game. As for the last boss, the reason for them fighting him in the first place is much more important than knowing who it is, and there's still a little chunk of the story that remains after the battle as well.

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@hyperbertha: If you're concerned about spoilers, show others the same consideration and use spoiler tags in your post.


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@Renegade_Fury: Ah this is encouraging thank you.

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Spoilers are enemies of almost everyone, heh. Yech, they may spoil your playing process a bit, but that is silly to make a game with 2 unexpected moments only, don't you think so? If the game is cool, knowing some facts about it won't spoil the general impression.

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Those are major revelations tbh but the game is so long and has so much content that knowing what you know definitely isn't a deal breaker. This is a really special game that has to be experienced for yourself. I doubt it even has less of an impact on you when you manage to get to that part because there are so many other events that get you to really like the characters and make you want to see how it all ends for them.

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Ugh... Why did I just read this? I'm still making my way thru the game.

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It's a major spoiler sure but you still have the gameplay and build up to it to look forward to as well as his circumstances why he did it.

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Oh, my, you found out that someone is a traitor and who is the final boss. And, so what? It does not affect the gameplay or the story-line behind it (unless you somehow read the whole story from A to Z).

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@hyperbertha: Nah it's good, a lot of people figured out the traitor thing while they were playing it anyway.