Is Final Fantasy XIII-3 one part too many?

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Was the third part to a very successful Final Fantasy episode really necessary? As far I've seen, from watching small segments of combat and exploration gameplay, FFXIII should have stopped at part 2.

The storyline alone looked very confusing, with characters from the previous episodes being introduced as entirely new people. The textures of the game look almost PS2 quality and have no depth in some areas at all. The combat has been changed entirely from multiple paradigms that each have their own charge gauge presented on the screen when switched and fully customizable for the two characters (and a monster, in FFXIII-2). It seems that every decent quality from part 2 has been ripped from the game and replaced with a more basic, one character version. It's almost like, and I quote from a friend, "this part feels like it's not supposed to be here. It's incomplete, messy and rushed".

As a lone opinion on this topic, I can't really give a review of the game as the gameplay and trailer actually put me off buying the game altogether. Maybe I'm being biased because I adored part 1 and 2 of FFXIII, even through many faults. If you've played the game, and I'm talking utter nonsense, please feel free to call me out on it.

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At this point does it really matter ?

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It's 2 parts too many, maybe even 3.

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No game is necessary.

I think XIII is a good game that got a bad wrap. XIII-2 is like XIII but worse in every way that pertains to gameplay. I like the story though. I have XIII-3 and only put about 2 or 3 hours into it. I don't enjoy anything about it other than the opening CGI fight. Like XIII-2, it's like it's predecessor but worse in every way pertaining to gameplay.

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Final Fantasy XIII was one part too many