Is Fallout 76 good now or is it still a crap game?

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A friend recently bought the 80 dollar version and really wants me to play it. I just don't want to feed Todd anymore cash. However, I've never played Fallout 4, so 76 might be good, yeah?

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Convince your friend to get a refund and that'll fix the problem.

Or you can buy a garbage game that thinks adding a battle royale will fix everything.

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Was still hot garbage last I checked.

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I picked it up again over E3 when they had the free week after playing for a month or so at launch. It runs fine on PC, but not sure if they fixed some of the framiness on console. Still some nuisance bugs that will pop up fairly often, but the bugs were always a bigger deal to people that never played the game. There was never anything that crippled your play experience or outright broke the game (Skyrim launched with a save killing bug but people didn't hate on that nearly as much as 76). The bugs were/are nuisance level at worst. I am surprised, however, that more of them haven't been fixed yet.

The bigger issue is the basic game formula. You could fix all the bugs and have this game running at a buttery smooth framerate and it wouldn't change the fact that it is lacking as both a Fallout game and a survival game. Hybrids can sometimes end up like this, where the best parts of the genres being combined go missing. Bethesda's solution seems to be to "add more Fallout," when they do the NPC/quest update later this year, so we'll see how that goes. Right now, you can have some fun leveling and I actually really do like the early game, but once the quest breadcrumbs run out, there's very little to do and the itemization sucks.

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@RSM-HQ: Hahaha, yeah. I winced when he told me he spent 80 bucks on it.

Thanks for the answers everyone.

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I think it will continue to get better over the year judging by what Howard said at E3. I think if you picked it up next year it'd be worth it.

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Fun with friends for a bit but hardly anyone plays with mics and there's no other way of communicating so the whole community aspect of the game gets lost with randoms.