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Hi guys!

I'm not new in Gamespot but I don't usually write too much because I'm from Spain indeed and english is not my mother tongue:P

I would like to introduce you to the game I'm developing right now. Its name is Formula Wincars, and I'm game designer for the project, so feel free to ask me anything you like about the project.

It is a racing arcade game focused on multiplayer. We try to resemble something of the feelings we had when playing classics as Out Run or Ridge Racer. And yes, we are free to play because we need money to pay our bills But we hate the way free to play games work nowadays. Everything will be unlockable just with the driving points you earn playing, and only some skins or stickers will be a little more expansive, just for aesthetics customization. We are a modest team of only ten people but we are working hard and with passion:)

We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign in order to achieve the amount of money we need to finish the project with the quality level we would like to reach. So, let me share with you the campaign video and of course, ask for you all to back us if you like what you see:)

This is the link to our campaign, just in case you feel the desperate need to back us ;)

Link to Formula Wincars Campaign

Anyway, thanks for watching and please spread the news!

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No advertising allowed on these forums, I'm giving you a warning instead of a instant ban because you see to have contributed to actual discussions previous to this.