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Rpg : The Role Playing Gem is a mix of RPG and Puzzle Game. In this game, you get your power from mana that you collect by associating gems as in any usual puzzle game. The main difference is that associating gems will let you cast powerful spell that will help you to get rid of your enemies, unlock doors, craft stuff and so more. But be careful because you're not alone on the game board. Strategy is the key. Let's take an overview of RPG:TRPG Synopsis : "In Rpg : The Role Playing Gem, the world is quite normal. There is a bunch of scary monsters who likes the taste of poor little humans, a guy who has rats in his cellar and needs a hand, a lot of heroes who want the "Ten pieces of gold" reward for that quest and of course "THE MYSTICAL POWER OF THE MIGHTY GEMS»! Yes my Lord! "The Mighty Gems" rule the World, offering to their owners, incredible magical capabilities! When someone finds a Mighty Gem, new heroes rises up and the monsters start to prey. That's the natural order of things, the monsters kill humans, the heroes kill monsters and everybody is happy... Except the poor dead humans and monsters, of course! But when the hugest and most amazing Mighty Gem was found by a peasant's little son while digging in his father's fields, a terrific tyrant was born. All the resentments accumulated during years of jeers from his comrades, exploded. He became a powerful Mage and the self-proclaimed High Lord of the human race. His thirst for power and bitterness made him subjugate the whole nation, ruling the world with an iron fist. To ensure its everlasting dominion, Lord Villain launched a vast campaign to abduct heroes, caught their Mighty Gem and bring them all to death with infinite suffering, because he likes that ! Though in one of the numerous prisons, fate will push 3 heroes to join together to escape and go on a crusade against the evil ruler. Because it's the Mighty Gems decision. The Revolt is underway!" http://www.trpgem.com/Image1.png Not only one but three heroes! You'll lead three heroes: a wizard, a warrior and a sexy thief. Each having their own skill trees that the player will develop during their progression. So the warrior could specialize itself in defense and take blows for his companions or he can focus on powerful attacks like a berserker. there are many combinations and it's up to the player to find their own style to create a dream build. Crafting in battle! Skill trees usually focus a particular gem color. A character could be using only 2 or 3 gem colors out of the 4 available. To avoid wasting this precious mana, this system allows crafting to occur battle. This allow mana to be used to create lots of helpful objects from life potions to poisons. You will always find a utility to mana. A dynamic battle window Because it's always more pleasant to see what our heroes are doing, a battle frame stages the fight. Many animations but also 2D cut-scenes for special abilities visually enhance the confrontations. http://www.trpgem.com/Image2.png Exploration of a hilarious medieval world Because it is a role playing game, you'll have the ability to travel this whole world with a classic RPG 2D view. There will be tons of quests, many non-player characters, various places to visit and grim dungeons to explore in an uproarious universe. A random dungeons system This game allows the player to run through a lot of unique randomly generated dungeons. Whether you're there for a quest or simply to find a new treasure, materials or monsters, you'll never be disappointed. And many other things like: - Loads of achievements - Exciting monster hunting - A customizable fortified camp to lead your rebellion from ... Origin of project : It takes its source from our love of "Puzzle Quest" (Infinite Interactive) which launched this new kind of game a couple of years ago. We try to keep the essence of "Puzzle Quest" but with many new features and a real exploration mode between the puzzle fights. We will post new information and a video very soon. You can follow us on Facebook at : The Official Website : http://www.trpgem.com IndieDB : http://www.indiedb.com/games/rpg-the-role-playing-gem Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/RpgTheRolePlayingGemEn Twitter : https://twitter.com/TRPGEM We are on Steam Greenlight too : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=122575382&searchtext= we are organizing our first contest where you can win your copy of the game at its release. If you want to try your luck, you only need to like our facebook page! The winners will be announced on the 31 of March.