Improving the Industry: Preorders and Developer Respect.

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Let's face it. Somewhere down the pipeline from game concept to game release someone gives zero shits about us for most AAA studios these days. This video will be part of a series about what we can do to fix that. Developers don't respect us as much as they used(or maybe they were better at hiding it) to. That's why we should stop preordering. Why we should stop showing them mounds of respect when they hardly do it for us anymore.

What do you guys think? Will this help? I, of course, think it will.

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I've only ever preordered one game (Black Ops 2) and even then they lied about it saying you had to preorder to get the bonus map Nuketown 2025, then everyone ended up getting it anyway. I have no further intention to preorder any games and I don't buy season passes or dlc, the Aliens: Colonial Marines dizaster was enough to put a lot of gamers off preordering I think. A good playable demo before release would help sway gamers interest.

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That's good to hear. I just think it's hurting us a lot these days. I'm actually thinking that if preorder sales dropped enough, we'd see more demos, and gameplay(not the "real gameplay" we see now) before the release. Also, I'd like to think it would stop the current trend of pushing games out the door before they're finished. It becomes a lot harder to do once people stop giving you millions before you even put it out on the shelves.

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I've never pre-ordered a game in my entire life. They always print lots of games so i'll buy them whenever i feel like it.

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i rarely pre-order games, i usually just do that when i buy special editions or collectors editions to make sure i get them

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If you want people to stop pre-ordering, then we should first know the answer to the question: why do people pre-order?